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MMORPG.COM News: 4 New Games Added

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

We here at MMORPG.com are continually expanding our games list in an effort to keep our readers as informed as possible about everything going on throught the MMORPG genre. This past weekend, we added four titles to our lists.

  • Gekkeiju Online: Gekkeiju Online is a Fantasy based 3d Multi-user dungeon. The game has adopted a lot of good features from text based MUDs and combined them with features from normal MMORPGs. This allows the game to have some very unique features that have not been seen in any MMORPG before.

  • StarQuest Online: In StarQuest Online, you can assume the persona of a character living, exploring, fighting, and possibly dying in this future world. As an intrepid fleet officer, swashbuckling pirate, devious smuggler, deadly bounty hunter, or ordinary civilian you and players like you will shape this world and its history into whatever you make of it. The designers of StarQuest Online have created the starting point, it is up to you to bring the world to life.

  • Winter’s Twilight: After 1000 years of peace, the world of Atlenas has opened it borders to all races allowing brave adventurers to explore its unchartered lands. New dangers have emerged causing havoc across the three Realms. Players assume the role of an adventurer set in one of the three major empires. They can choose a profession and begin their life in the lands of Atlenas. The world is now their oyster. Many possibilities are available to the player, whether you want to adventure the lands looking for quests or become one of the most wanted by taking part in our PVP system.

  • Archlord: ArchLord is the creation of NHN Games, one of the biggest Korean MMO developers and publishers. When it launches in Q3, 2006, ArchLord will deliver a unique competitive premise to MMO gamers: the opportunity to rise to become the game world’s supreme ruler. Every month, one player will take control of the world and with it the opportunity to wreak havoc on their cowering enemies as the player gains control of supreme global Archlord powers!

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • BlinxerBlinxer Member CommonPosts: 120

    I'd just like to be the first to say, that the links messed and Gekkeiju Online takes me to the Winter's Twilight place.::::20::

  • AmorphismAmorphism Member UncommonPosts: 101

    Those are such crappy games.. ::::07::

    like everything else, you got those who invest thought time & money in a product, and those who are abusing the hype of a product to get some money and create shitload of crappy products (e.g MMORPGs).

  • Dark_SumerianDark_Sumerian Member Posts: 14

    Wow, These games sound very creative.  I definitely want to check out
    StarQuest.  Maybe it will be what SWG could have been.  image




    Ok, I know it is the Gameplay that counts an all, but StarQuest has graphics that date back to 1994.  The game certainly sounds interesting but damn...It is really going to test my patience.  Hopefully the game will be great and a publisher with deep pockets will be willing to let them update their engine.

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