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Winters Twilight: New Contest

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Winter's Twilight, which is one of four new games that were added to our game's list over the weekend, have announced that they will be holding their first competition. The competition itself asks players to come up with a weapon, and that weapon's backstory.


Well, its time to explore your competitive streak with our first competition!

'Yay', I hear you cry!!!

Depth of story and background knowledge is required by any MMORPG to get you, the player, involved in a maze of quests, explore the depths of a hidden dungeon or venture forth on an expedition to win the hearts of many or corrupt the souls of the weak.

The Development Team are looking for a feel to their armoury with background stories for our epic weapons.

The competition requires the creation of a weapon accompanied by a background story of perhaps the early years of what the weapon was used for. Who wielded it? Evil or good? Cursed or blessed? You decide…

The best entries will be displayed on our website for the whole world to see, with the possibility of a series of quests relating to your story. The overall winner will receive a month’s free ‘Veteran’ status within the game once after release.

So come on all you budding writers, this is a great opportunity to get a story published and influence a game in the making.

All entries are to be sent to [email protected] with the subject reading ‘COMPETITION’

Good luck to one and all and may the luck of the Elves be with you!!! (or is it the Irish?)

For more on Winter's Twilight, click here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • ArmitageWTArmitageWT Member Posts: 10

    The Development team of Winter's Twilight are proud to announce the winner of our first competition!!

    And the winner is.....*drum roll, followed by annoying pause*

    Kayletta Jade!!!


    Kayletta sent in the following entry which will be proudly displayed on our Website for the world to see!

    Ssanathetaal, the stave of the Black Prince. The name is rarely whispered
    among the Neocal, so great was the transgression of its wielder. Its power
    is unrivaled, its history a myth.. and the crafter of this length of wood...
    his name has been stricken from the records, never to be spoken.

    The crafter was a Prince, the eldest son of a powerful spiritualist and Lord
    of the Neocal. As a child, the prince was a good boy, devout in study and
    love to his people. His tutor followed the old ways, insisting at the young
    age of 16, the Prince be made to go out and choose his stave and after, to
    imbue it with his own essence, thereby making a stronger weapon than any
    simple craftsman could forge. This much is fact, set down in the great hall
    of knowledge in Shasmeliant Depths.

    What I shall tell you now is the legend of Black Prince and his desecration
    of the land of Tuathal...

    The boy Prince left upon his journey on the morning of his 16th year. No
    one knows exactly where he traveled, but somewhere deep in the swamps of
    Tuathal, lies a place of old-magic, some swear that this is where gods began
    to create our world, tree by tree, stone by stone. And once the land and
    its inhabitants were shaped, the gods gave them the choices of good and
    evil. To ensure that the balance between these ever-lasting forces would be
    kept, the gods created two trees and intertwined them. One pale and pure as
    spun gold, with leaves of silvery-green, the second a dank and rotting black
    tree, bare but for the putrid slime covering it. It was from this tree, the
    root of all evil, that the Prince took his stave.

    Why he chose that tree, not a soul lives that knows.

    From that horrid swamp the prince turned to another unlikely place... the
    battlefield of Courath plain. Even in those days, the battle field was a
    haunted place, full of pain and old anger. Upon the blood-soaked field the
    Prince imbued the staff with his powers. For three days he forced soldiers
    long-dead to return and created an army of the dead, and imbued his staff
    with their pain and anger and malice. At dusk on the third day he began a
    spell that would forever change the face of Tuathal.

    None remain that know the words to that spell or even exactly what it was
    meant to do.

    The spell lasted half into the night, building an unrivaled amount of power
    that was felt half a world away by the elves. Whatever the Prince had meant
    to do, his spell brought the blood from the dead, bubbling up from the
    grass, the souls of every warrior, sorcerer, and spiritualist alike that had
    died on this field and every ounce of power they contained was absorbed by
    the gnarled length of black wood, embedded in the field.

    Overnight the Prince became a pale, gaunt figure, much older than his 16
    years would indicate. And the staff he ordained Ssanathetaal, which in his
    tongue meant Lord of Corruption. The staff seemed to have a life of its
    own, and from that moment on, spread corruption and plague wherever it
    rested. The field of Courath, once a summer meadow, turned black and
    filthy, spreading outward through the plains of Tuathal like a pestilence.

    The Black Prince ravaged the lands for nearly 10 years before the staff
    which had brought him into his power, betrayed him and went dormant. No one
    has ever been able to awaken this relic, and it lies under lock and key, in
    a secret vault, known only to the one who remains its keeper.

    Congratulations Kayletta!



  • sysdevjasysdevja Member Posts: 46

    Hi just looking arround and saw that your company name isnt registered, as you claim your a commerical game design company why have i come accross your company name? as http://www.pixelbridge.com

    becuase it does state in msot your articles and site that your company is pixel bridge.

    But pixel bridge is registered to an internet solutions and planning company.

    "designs and builds Web-based business tools that help clients improve marketing, sales, and operations. Our team seamlessly blends strategy, technology, and creative expertise to deliver highly effective Internet solutions. "

    I contacted them prior and the CEO said hes never heard of winters twilight, he thought it was a drink lol.

    Please clear this up.

  • DonkeyHoteDonkeyHote Member Posts: 1

    Different companies - different countries.

    Might want to check your facts before you go around making underhand comments.

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