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Dark and Light: Q&A #10

We have more answers from the Dark & Light team has we continue our Q&A series with interview #10. This week, they address frame rate, the combat system, live events and a lot more.

image MMORPG.com: Can you tell us about your live events being run by Alchemic Dream. How have they gone so far?

The Dark & Light Team: Events have been organised since the beginning of SoG.

They can happen in various ways: if most of them are organised by AD teams, using prepared scenarios and animated by dedicated game managers who lead exiting and innovative adventures, game managers naturally contributes to any animation or event ingame, according to the current situation.

The game managers team is organised in order to be available 24/24Hours a day in five languages so that any player can take part to an event or an animation and enter deeper into Ganareth intrigues. Indeed, a very deep lore is being developped, in collaboration with Gary Gygax.

Following each player action is key to keep organising animations in line with the current life ingame . For instance, even if players settled in withdrawn areas, they could discover that surrounding pets where not that welcoming and quickly meant their dissatisfaction to the new Settlers ! Strange things are woven in the world and Ganareth inhabitants observe with more or less benevolence the installation of these strange adventurers.

A Gazette will be soon online to report Ganareth events and be sure anybody can know how are evolving Ganareth adventures.

You can read the whole Q&A here.

Dana Massey
Formerly of MMORPG.com
Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • ceesharpceesharp Member UncommonPosts: 34
    Events, heh ! Ready for release in 3 months and they are still developing the 3D engine, Hehehehe !

    There are 10 kind of programmers. Those who understand binary code and those who don't.

  • sorezsorez Member Posts: 39

    Its getting better everyday image

    Still alot of work needed tho, the lore is looking good with the introduction of the gazette but the combat system needs sorting out tho

  • ZippyZippy Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,412

    MMORPG.com went to easy on the devs.  This is absolutely an awful game.  Let me rephrase that it is not a game as there is no content in the game other than a world, flight simulator, a bad combat system amd an akward UI.  Nothing else.  The UI and the combat system are so bad they are both supposedly going to be completely redone.  This game makes Mourning look very good.

    What made me laugh the most was:

    "Another thing that has been really positive: two of our beta testers joined our dev team."  Hah I knew that it would get to the point soon where they would have to pay beta testers to play this game.

    They probably should have asked them some more serious questions like how come there are only a few hundred peple left playing SoG out of the 20k that started?  Hpw do they sleep at night when they continue to try to rip people off by selling this game for $60 to the the public after most of the first 8,000 suckers got their money refunded?  Why do they continue to lie after being caught lying so many times in the past?  How stupid do they think their customers truly are? Why are they banning everyone oin the official forums that posts anything that isn't positive about the game?  Why did they lie to people that the beta was onging alongside SoG?  Why did they close down the beta?  Are they out of money?  How do they honestly expect to add years worth of content to make a limited form of a game,  make the game stable and test it with a beta that is only open at best 2 days a week in time for release in less than 3 months?  This game has been in beta for almost 3 full years now and its not stable enough to handle a few hundred people online at once.  How many more years will it take to make it stable so it can handle the 100,000 Farlan claims it can or even just a few thousand?

    How long will it take to finish this game? They have to 2 things to finsih this game, make the game stable and add some form of limited gameplay content.  Who knows how long it will take to make this game stable.  SoG has been out almost 2 months now and it is till the most unstable game I have ever seen in any stage of development.  Which is amazing as hardly anyone is left playing this game.  Who knows how long it will take them to make it stable if this is the best they have done in almost 3 years of beta testing.  But lets assume they are able to make the game stable and move on to start working on content.  Unofrtunatley for them, the entire games content needs to be created.  Towns need to be built, NPCs need to be added, quests need to be put in, a combat system needs to be added, the UI needs a lot of work, whether and astrological system need to be added, crafting needs to be added and so much more.  Essentially the game now is still just a concept.  A competent dev team would take at best 1-2 years to make this concept into a limited form of a game.  The amount of work that needs to be done is just amazing.  I have never seen a game in such bad shape in any stage of development.  With this dev team who knows how long they will need.  They have accomplished nothing in 3 years of beta or in almost 6 years of developement.    To believe they will be able to release a limited playable verion in another 3-5 years seems to be optimistic thinking. The best question they should have asked the Devs.  Is how long will it be until the game folds?  From the state the game is in now we have a better chance of being lucky buying used lottery tickets than hoping to ever see this game released in any playable form.

    For those that want a more complete review of SoG please see.  http://www.mmorpg.com/discussion.cfm/load/forums/loadforum/508/loadthread/62854/setstart/1/loadclass/173

    No offense meant to the authors but when a scandal like DnL comes along that questions the integrity of the entire MMORPG industry we should expect something more than to act as a rubber stamp or publicity agent for the developers.  At the very least we should expect them to try to act something closer to real journalists and ask hard questions and not the ignore the scandal that these developers have created. 

  • SolanarSolanar Member UncommonPosts: 188

    person above me: lern2read

    on topic... ive given up on the game, for now. i have high hopes and really wish this game the best. ive moved to darkfall though, hope it isnt another mourning/horizons/SoG(not DnL)

    ?played: Nearly everything.
    ?waiting: *Darkfall*, Hero''s Journey

  • erloloerlolo Member UncommonPosts: 7

    Well, it make me laugh.

    Improving 3d engine???

    2 Month with very low fps and high intensive CPU/RAM use, a lot of people who CAN NOT JOIN the ""game"" (for many people the game just crash while loading their char) because the bugs, and they work in 3d engine....

    They still doesn't clearly admit that SoG is an earlier Beta.

    The only game/app i've ever seen that everytime you exit it, it crashes.

    Still there's a lot of problems everytime you teleport to a fortress (you loose your flying pet and also you could loose some stored pet).

    Only 1 city with NPCs.

    Few cities "completes" (without NPCs).

    Many people trying to get back their pioner acc. because they don't trust anymore and they're seeing that SOG couldn't come in April (or will come with the same crappy content/bugs as SoG).

    1-2 days ago started their "events", after 2 months, with many people out of the game thanks permanent-bugged-account and many more who left the game for its content, when they said that events will come from the first day.

    Still some people is waiting new free SoG accounts, promised "soon".


    If DnL and SoG are very different game.... if they're working in both games... and there's only people playing (BETA TESTING) in SoG, and they're those many errors and DnL beta is stopped... how many bugs and failures will have DnL?!?!? ::::12::


    I think in next A&A you should ask more about the bugs people is having and they lack (nule) of comunication...........

  • CholaynaCholayna Member Posts: 1,604

    yet another load of crock from Farlan.

    They have just recenty finally admitted that there is no Beta.That Beta has been "suspended" yet the old Beta testers are stating it was in fact "terminated" and would have to reapply when "it reopens". Yet Farlan makes it sound as tho there is an active and working Beta session going on.

    On that note,what the heck are they doing hiring beta testers for development!!!!???!!!! Still MORE inexperienced incompetent full fledged game developers. incredible.

    As far as Game Events, they again make it sound as tho this is a regular occurrances and go off without a hitch on a constant 24/7 basis. Perhaps trying to make the game playable is the event as it certainly does NOT happen at all.

    Incredible the distance they will go (below sea level) when all can see that this game is just like their comments -- pure crap.

  • FurrbawlFurrbawl Member Posts: 95

    Originally posted by Lepidus
    MMORPG.com: Can you tell us about your live events being run by Alchemic Dream. How have they gone so far?

    Did you notice they didn't answer this?

    That is because there haven't been any in game events yet!

    Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.
    J. R. R. Tolkien

  • CholaynaCholayna Member Posts: 1,604
    yup, they had one YESTERDAY! And of course, only due to the Q&A coming out. This company is diggin new depths of slimyness.
  • StaxicStaxic Member Posts: 145

    Did you like your bowl of steamy poo?

    It must be hard to spew positive things about that game. I was a big fanboi, but now am doubting I'll even buy the full release of the game.

    If anyone was around when AO launched, think similar thoughts when SoG launched.

  • ZippyZippy Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,412

    Originally posted by Staxic

    Did you like your bowl of steamy poo?
    It must be hard to spew positive things about that game. I was a big fanboi, but now am doubting I'll even buy the full release of the game.
    If anyone was around when AO launched, think similar thoughts when SoG launched.

    I played AO in beta and for about the first 2 months at release.  It was painful to play.  It would take me 30 minutes to walk across the main city because of crashes.  AO's instability is a bit different than DnL's.  DnL does not have the lag just the constant crashes.  It would seem tome it would be easier for Farlan to fix their problem than AO.  But AO had actual content and good gameplay.  This is something DnL completely lacks.  DnL is not in AO's league as far as gameplay.  DnL compares more to low budget games like Irth, Mourning and Wish than any mainstream game.
  • bl1ndbl1nd Member Posts: 102

    The only good thing i owe to this thing is a learning experience, never pay for something upfront without seeing it because ppl that use that tactic is always hiding something, what was farlan hiding? a crappy game

    Sure that game can be good in 2 years of developing.....

    Not in 3 or 8 months...... thats total BS

  • EveralEveral Member Posts: 2

    The fact that the game sucks is bad enough. But what really ticks me off is the lack of communication from these people. The little that they do say is just B.S. Also I understand that English is not their first language, but can't they throw one of their English speaking Fanbois a bone and have him proofread their information trickles prior to releasing them?

    The only part of the whole SOG/DnL Poop sandwich I do enjoy is how they're so mental about pointing out that SOG is not a DnL Beta project. "IT"S NOT A BETA! IT'S NOT A BETA" LMAO I love to watch roaches scurry.

    The only reason I'm paying attention to this debacle now is the fact that I was one of the suckers that put up $60 to pre dark and light. Yes, grab a brush and paint me stupid. image


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