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Fleeting graffiti ideas for Sony's EQ

DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586

Hopefully the worse of EQ's roll-back is pass & the recovering is beginning.  i'm extremely happy to the hearsay that Sony(SOE) is actively investigating /petitions about some of the lost players' items correlated to the Sony(SOE) debacle which a possible refunding of such item(s) might ensue!  Nevertheless, till i Email a couple of my remaining EQ friends to verify i'll remain optimistic yet hesitant since i think the Sony(SOE) customer service & marketing departments by actions have become too comfortable in bed together.  The roll-back didn't affect me directly.  Witnessing this customer service action as a series of acts of total policy though broke the proverbial camel's back for me.  i'd like to state, no real-life camels were hurt during this typing, & i'm delighted that Sony(SOE) is at least appearing to attempt to correct their wrongs to the EQ players.  i was improbable to resubscribe anyway, but i was seeking a good reason to continue & even will in the future time to time if EQ ever becomes more progressively paced.  i just don't want to invest three years to catch-up with the near AA current total which would then be probably half the AA total after those three years because of expansions all the while AA totals growing causing an ever more widening gap.  Especially at EQ's current stage of gaming & it's age.  Lest remember though that Sony(SOE) had the intent of the greater good here for EQ, at least in the beginning.  Even though Sony(SOE) weren't the creators of EQ, they are the stewards we rely upon & their driving force is business economics, to make money. 

Follow the EQ due process that Sony(SOE) has set-up for us:  /petition with facts & not as much emotions, /petition again being persistent but polite & truthful, to be safe /petition yet again with same courtesy, then perhaps that Consumer Complaint suggestion near the bottom of the EULA, then if need be perhaps the San Diego Better Business Bureau, if all else fails i'm sure there's some interstate commerce laws that could hint at group law suits declaring a type of EQ revolution & would have lawyers nation-wide frothing at their mouths or maybe just quit.  A lot of rhetoric like precedent, expectations, liability, fraud, responsibility, Etc., but ends up okay if Sony(SOE) does do the right thing for those EQ customers unjustly harmed by the Sony(SOE) actions.  Even mention this to gaming magazines, web sites & similar even though EQ doesn't get addressed as much it seems this type of incident needs reporting.  i was a bit shocked how very little was mentioned about the roll-backs outside the EQ community.  Has EQ fallen that far, is so little expected, how MMOs treat their customers is more important as more MMOs grow entertaining us customers/players for fees.  i found little details about the EQ roll-backs on gaming sites i frequent including this one, why is that?  The harm done is a subjective view by the player, other players, by Sony(SOE) which there lies the value of what was done while agreeing &/or disagreeing.  That EULA certainly smacks the adage, "the customer is always right," but it doesn't supercede all.  What seems to hurt Sony(SOE) at times is there denial &/or willing to leave EQ customers/players in the dark about certain issues.  Probably Sony(SOE) has good reasons for this tactic whether the game itself, perhaps marketing, customer service, only Sony(SOE) knows for sure.  To show some conspiracy theories could be evident, in 2005 Sony, which Sony Online Entertainment is part of, settled two group law suits because of creating a fictional movie critic giving Sony movies glowing reviews & with a partner music group having ani-privacy software on some of the Sony music.  Does this mean SOE has done or would do, probably not, but it does mean it's very possible in the way they handle similar dealings.  The void of accountability creeps time to time however when there are such vast shadows casted.  

Prophecy of Ro expansion interview, by this web site, makes it seem like it might be a nice addition to the EQ legacy.  Hope it goes well & is fun for the remaining EQ players.  Glad Sony(SOE) has the deities returning for EQ, they still need to include the remaining that've never been in-game & the sub-deities as well which would be good for the EQ lore & community.  Veeshan would be SO cool, but that Brell Serilis does make lots of logical sense too for appearing, & where is my Quellious.

i recently quit EQ, best way i figured how.  i was a bit shocked in-game while announcing this a few times when players should send tells questioning if i was crazy for my method, was i really quitting & why, if they could just have all my stuff instead, & was i running a scam.  A few malcontent individuals posted similar thoughts in the EQ forums as well, that's okay if it makes those in the forums feel more secure attacking the person instead of adding to the discussion whether agreeing or not.  Part of forum posting is to feel better about oneself while hopefully contributing to an idea.  Bruised egos aside i'll wear my tin-foil cap while i type this while pondering whether or not how i chose to exit EQ was the best way & OMG if i return will all those players return my items for me.  Saturday pre & post patch i held EQ lore quizzes & lotteries on Povar in PoK.  All my give-able items were disbursed, over 100K in platinum rewarded, & around 120 Sacrifices gifted to the Povar Neccys all for free.  EQ has been fun, can still be, to me so i wanted to leave helping best way i thought how.  i concede i was very tempted by that selling account market with some offers, but i didn't want to indirectly feed the Sony(SOE) coffers anymore.  During my EQ i admit i was limited by my Platinum Edition, 7 of the 10 expansions.  If i had opened & used my recently bought Titanium Edition perhaps that would've made enough of a difference, maybe not.  In the end at my pace i saw i wasn't able to achieve goals i wanted without hefty investment of time so i declared Sony(SOE) winner & departed trying to help the remaining as much as i could.

There's always more that can be said & sometimes things that should be said.  This is much more of the 'can' variety during all of this sprinkled with maybe a few "should".

my appreciation to Sony(SOE) Kytherea for actually changing the holiday jingle to include Monks, cough cough, which was intend.  i played a Monk so i respect the class, & am still surprised that no one had mentioned it before me.  i fear that is an indicator how pummeled into Sony(SOE) submissiveness Monks are, or we might just be FDed.

Not to take the current Sony(SOE) President John Smedley's statement out of context from a PC Gamer magazine interview, but, "not all money is the same," frightens me.  It was agreed with by the Sony(SOE) Pres. about account selling market discussions, but i wonder how far would Sony(SOE) take this concept?  i just hope that by that quote multi-account EQ players don't get preferential service over others.

Belated this is, but i had read a couple months ago about a Ranger that had completed all the original Epics.  An amazing feat indeed!  i think she/he deserves a title in-game.  i also think that to help the EQ community Sony(SOE) should allow, this one time &/or perhaps a per server first, this player to bestow the other class Epics upon other players.  It would be a gesture of great benevolence by the Ranger & Sony(SOE).

As i've stated before:  allow Barbarians to be Paladins, Half-Elfs to be ShadowKnights, Iksars to be Rogues, Dorfs ... sorry i mean Dwarves to be Rangers, & how it should've been when i began playing the Vah Shir to be allowed Monks.

The heard that once Sony(SOE) knew of these beta-vendors they were allowed to continue to monitor awhile while planning the Sony(SOE) intervention process.  In doing so with this cotangent allowed more spread of players to be harmed.  i do feel the double Exp. probably allowed more players to surpass the Exp. they would've normally gained even with patches.  Regardless, risking players' welfare should be priority over the Sony(SOE) learning-curve on such an episode.  Also, that patch just mentioned removing Tinkerton, correcting killer pets, a sitting-down phenomenon, & EQPlayers issues, nothing about a PoR beta.  Trivial since Sony(SOE) doesn't need nor should tell us every little detail, yes, but it also exposes that at times behind the curtain deeds by Sony(SOE) can have an effect good &/or bad.

All sorts of questioning about the 1% affected, no one will really knows since Sony(SOE) keeps mum on those type of issues.  Chris Lena, newish EQ Producer, stated, "The result is that the integrity of the economy has been maintained," which is indeed important.  i'm glad it seems Sony(SOE) is at least investigating* players' /petitions since that is far from their original stance concerning their mistake.  Gives hope that Sony(SOE) values customers too, even when they have the addiction hook line & sinker.

Allow Lesson of the Devote to refresh every 12 hours.  Also replace Chaotic Jester with something beneficial, it's suppose to be a loyalty reward after all.  Perhaps allow Veteran Rewards to be chosen instead of dictated.

Allow Dragons of Norrath crystals to be commodities for players not having that expansion as well, this would provide economy growth & enable those few to purchase the gear using the so said crystals.

Where oh where has the part2 of, "class re-envisioning" gone?

For example, Old & New Mistmoore, create a NPC just outside the zone so players could choose which version they wish to enter.  Could be done for any older/new zones.

& YES, if/when there's an EverQuest movie, i'll be one of the many to view it opening day in great delight!  That has such potential for success.

Finish the FIND feature for the zones, yes even the ghost-town older zones.  It's this type of non-completing a project example in EQ but pushing yet another expansion that sometimes irritates players.

Widen the Exp. level berth for killing creatures, &/or recalibrate the out-of-date conning system.

Allow 75/25 piggy-back zonings.

Over all the mind-set is to allow quicker gradual paced progression near the pinnacles of EQ, but reserve that high-end EQ content for those earned & toiled that achieved this.  Every few expansions, maybe once a year with the Sony(SOE) marketing pace of expansions, perhaps allow this scale to change & open more.

Artifacts, use some of the mentioned methods to enter them into EQ once again, rename them, redesign them, even allow maybe very few of those niffty GM/GUIDE items about.  Again, it's opening the game up for easier access for all.  Not to the very top notch echelon level, but to the degree where a casual player could be prepared & primed for that type of play after some progression.  i scribbled a great Quellious Monk design idea with stats & effects per piece but then again Quellious isn't in EQ.  image 

Create an EQ Station Exchange server, i know Sony(SOE) fears this because of mass exodus, but it's an idea whether agree with or not.

If not already, bring back the town sheriff, the GM(s) for a certain server.  It's almost organic, they know the community after time.  Again, this might restore at least a perception of accountability & concern on behlaf on Sony(SOE).

Augmentations to utilize selfbuffing abilities, particles, auras, & uncomplicated the slots & types issue.  Sony(SOE) has been homogenizing most of the gear so why not the augmentations too.

Possibly 'instance' all the original level 46 required Planes.

Allow more Multi-Questing enabling players to help other players, more items attainable this method.  Prefer first the Pressl's.

Quit the trend of expansions offering more in-game exclusive features, functions, utilities & more of what expansions used to be intended to offer more content.

Quitting players that delete their characters are allowed to gift even their No Drop items to others.  It would've been nice.

Don't require the Range & Ammo slots to be same item to be able to Throw.

i will forever claim the idea of an Arena portal from PoK.  It should've been near the ShadowRest lady like i suggested, but i'm also well aware that probably many thought of it before myself.  Just none had to be left stranded by a GM during an Event coercing my stroll back to civilization inspiring the idea.  About new Arena, great place for grand events it seems.  Also create deities in color but statues to be visible by players surrounding the Arena.  Sure just for spectating &/or even allow homage to ones' deity of choice for quests, prizes, items, & such.

EQ is EverQuest not EverGrind.  Emphasize the quests again, make them worthwhile.  Allow a choice of loots, perhaps even dynamic once or a few times per patch questers &/or creatures with loots.  Even could be done with vendors as well.  Create community quests/events as well.

Throwing Stone Combat Ability not to use-up the Critical Blast AA.

What ever happened about EQ & EQ2 cross-over content?

At least for older versions, allow factioning rates to increase.

An official in-game link-bot.  Sony(SOE) has innovative Gnomes so pull a few out of Marketing & place a few more into Research & Development.

Legends web page hardly ever properly worked.  What happened to the Legends' exclusive zones it promised, there was only one ever & it didn't last.  Sony's dismal deft-ear dealing with closing the Legends server was pathetic & disrespecting to those players for their lengthy tenure of loyal patronage.  i had more of a gift-shop tour but i will always state, "Legends is how all of EQ should try to be!"  i hope in those remaining days the kind GMs have tried to make the sinking pleasant as possible.  The handling of the closing of Legends on behalf of Sony(SOE) was cowardly when  communicating to it's community.

Finally add Endurance to the Celestial Fists, & since it's Epic allow the buff to stack regardless.  It was my last piece of gear i destroyed.  Increase the Monks' Thunder Kick efficiency too.

Create a server with all the zones total access but with no NPCs of any sort.  Allow the 375+ zones to be seen & appreciated!  Sony(SOE) allows such waste with EQ, remedy that with numerous measures.  Also if this server is allowed please allow like a week of free for anyone to view, i'll be the person that is on all week.

Create permanent Soul-Bound gear for players.  Heck yeah this is the new Epic of the Epics & should be very difficult.

Offer time regulated buffing NPCs.

Increased older-zone spawn rates to encourage occupancy.  Could also be similarly done by allowing older No Drops to become Attuneables, again helping economy & progression of players.  Side-note, allow Elemental to be MQ-able &/or Attuneable like Ornate.

Properly describe AAs, perhaps reduce amounts for AAs, maybe increase AAs Exp. rates say equal to level 46 &/or allow AAs to begin at level 46.  Even consider allowing players to switch AAs around no penalty in certain zones.

Mounts should regenerate Endurance like Mana.  May my Steroid Gecko Mount rest in peace.  Possibly include Mount only features, how about attacks, how about allowing a player with a Mount to carry a passenger or even a cart to expand carrying space or a siege weapon.  Did i mention flying Mounts would be SO cool.

Obvious perhaps to most, more frequent events, questings, contests, lotteries, more dynamic interaction with the NASA space reject monkey that is operating the character with that coolish green title.  i mean no offense to any of the NASA space monkeys of the past that have served us all well over the years ... nor GMs/Guides too.

A method to view factions' status without the need of conning the NPC.

Process to acquire more NPC guild master practices.

i would like to thank the numerous Sony(SOE) i've ever dealt with whether i agreed with or not.  Morden Rasp, Povar, Legends, Rathe, customer service, & GM/Guides.  Also my sincere appreciation to most of the EQ community i have played with, those dedicated old timer veterans, the dexterious multi-accounters, & all those inbetween.  i enjoyed EQ mostly because the community.  Someone please take my spot in PoK.  i swear the pixel grass does grow with my LFGing hanging in the wind.

Geerlok device for languages, the Geerlok language Interpreter.

The Human & Iksar Monk abilities ratio is askew, Human Monks get better damage/hit/delay ratio whereas Iksar's receive innate armor bonus with regeneration.  Unless this stacks to held weapons, this is obsolete for Humans.  If it does stack i apologize for my ignorance, i know at times it knows no bounds.

Nexus Spire portals to activate every 5 minutes.

Newish Sony(SOE) EQ interface to show Exp. % as it does with Health, Mana, Endurance.  Sony(SOE) has the technology for this so apply it.

Grandmaster Trade Skill devices should offer more than 5% if Geerloks offer that.

Bracer of Hammerfel hammers allowed to hit magical creatures, like it will unbalance the item anyway with that pitiful range.

Announce in-game items to be altered before a patch.

Like EQ2, allow Food/Drink to have own inventory slots.

Add all keys to /keyring.  Maybe even add a /flag feature showing all accessed flags.

The Return Home feature is a great feature, perhaps allow every 4 hours instead of 6.

Escape to Norrath is great introducing enticement.  i might be there myself someday in the far future for nostalgia.

The AA concept, whomever thought of it should be commended.  AAs has probably strengthened & lengthened EQ's history.  i feel they are a bit spread-out too thinly now & should be wrangled in a bit.  They seem to have been used as a easy choice now by Sony(SOE).

Upon every server, if a named creature requiring a group &/or raid kills that creature, allow it that one time to drop 1 of all it's possible loots.

EQ is, & can still be, fun for many depending upon circumstances from the players & from Sony(SOE).  With this recent massive roll-back issue, many have complained, many vented for & against Sony(SOE), some have stated how, "it's just a game so get over it or quit, but stop whining."  This is a game that we as customers buy from Sony(SOE) then pay a subscription fee so Sony(SOE) will service this game.  Therefore it's a two-fold deal, product & a service.  In real-life things happen out of our control all the time, in EQ it can happen similar too, but in EQ this pixel world is controllable by Sony(SOE).  Sony(SOE) sets the parameters & we as players abide best we can within that zoned-rule.  i knew i'd probably be quitting when i was near a year & a half playing EQ, level 65 with almost 200 AAs when there was near 1500 AAs & an expansion just a month away probably adding more.  Had i limited my own possible progression just using Platinum, 7 of the 10 expansions, probably.  Using the valued Titanium adding 3 expansions more than likely would've helped.  It's all about the value, to me EQ had lost it's luster, partially how i played during this state of the game, partially because of how Sony(SOE) is directing EQ's path.  To each their own way, best of luck EQers & take care, PCs & NPCs alike, even those mad Gnomes behind the EQ scenes.  We play EQ to have fun, when we become discouraged & EQ isn't as fun we move on.  i fear the day i read where Sony(SOE) makes EQ fun enough to me where i consider returning.  What can Sony(SOE) do to open EQ up for more accessible progression for current & future players while not dimenishing previous accomplishments?  Do those high-end-game players even want their catered content more crowded in EQ?  If fewer & fewer brand new players join EQ while the population withers there should logically be content addressed more for those players that remain which is high-end-gaming.  Sony(SOE) could just make-due with what they have & do the bare minimal till EQ isn't financially feasible, Legends suffered this way.  i hope from this roll-backs incident Sony(SOE) refreshes their approach towards the game & EQ's customers/players.  Perhaps EQ can rejuvenate itself & not just survive but thrive once again being dominant.

Q, Veiled One server, Monk, no longer the unofficial pet class of Sony's EQ  image







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