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timmack10timmack10 Member Posts: 2

hey guys

what is better Dark Age of Camelot or Everquest?

and please be honest because im going to buy one and i want it to be the right one


  • SlntasnSlntasn Member Posts: 711

    nobody here can tell you whether you are going to like either of these games or not. Or which one you will like better.


  • tigris67tigris67 Member UncommonPosts: 1,762

    They BOTH have trials, go see...But I played EQ for 4 years..Great great game, I played DAOC for about 6 months, and I still think its a good game. I sorta wish I could go play some DOAC right now to be quite honest =), I'd choose DAOC because of the unique realm and pvp system though.

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  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586
    As someone posted earlier, take advantage of the trials & see which suits you fancy better.  EQ has a very valued combination package currently, Titanium, that has all the expansions except the Prophecy of Ro being released next month.  i believe DAoC has a similar combo. package.  DAoC focuses more on the PvP/RvR gaming where EQ only has 1 server exclusive for PvP now since server-mergers.  Play both trials & see which you enjoy most, i've never played DAoC & ust quit EQ recently.  Good luck with either you choose.  There's also other current MMOs & soon to be future MMOs to consider.
  • TithrielleTithrielle Member Posts: 547

    I played both. EQ is better in the long run.

  • QuickBOTQuickBOT Member Posts: 11
    Havnt tryed EQ yeat , but DAoC sux IMO...only bcos movement is damn screwd and interface sux too...but ive heard only good about DAoC . But all i need is good looking game with fps controls :P
  • IsendarIsendar Member Posts: 20



    -Has a longer history than most MMOs (Cept UO or M59).

    -*Had* a huge subscriber base (More subscribers = more money can be devoted to production)

    -Quests and lore made you feel like you were part of something bigger

    -There's always new quests/new items to strive for

    -Ability to PVP but not mandatory (Has no ripple affect on the world at large)

    -11th expansion already out (Game is now extremely huge in world depth)

    -Items and gear look powerful as opposed to most MMOs (Cept WoW)

    -In depth story. Nearly impossible not to come across some form of history of Norrath or another



    -Game can feel repetitive (What game doesn't?)

    -Finding groups can be a pain (Heard it's worse now then when I first quit)

    -Hard to solo (You can but your limited to roughly 3 good soloing classes)

    -Items, spells, and classes get nerfed quite a bit (Not sure if this happens alot in DAOC)







    -Game felt serious (Can be a con on the flip-side)

    -Players seem more mature

    -RVR (Realm vs Realm) is a kick-ass concept

    -Arthurian legend was ever present

    -Easy to solo, if you know what your doing

    -Guilds are extremely friendly and seem more like families (My guild plvled me from level 8 - 28 in about a month and equipped me with the best gear for my level!!)



    -Everyone is pretty much doing RVR (Kinda sucks when you want to raid and stuff

    -Balance of power can shift (When relics get stolen, you lose some extra stats that come with it)

    -Game starts out very serious, and continues very serious until Trials of Atlantis

    -Attempting to find places of interest for the first time is like finding a needle in a haystack

    -Have to struggle to find any lore/history of the present world

    -Weapons and armor feel plain (more authentic but plain) and look alike

    -Can't buy horses = ( (In EQ you can)

    -Very few people play for extended periods of time. Easy to pick up game and put down


    All-in-all: Go with EQ. It's fun, it's more like fantasy, and I played it for roughly 5 years as opposed to 1 for DAOC. Planning on going back to EQ...never to DAOC...


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