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Bah, I cant log in!

This happens all the time i cant log in!


  • NihilanthNihilanth Member Posts: 1,357

    I can't say much on the "happens all the time" thing, but the reason today is because all WoW servers (and the web server) are down. Theyre talking with their network provider atm.

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  • Takata5Takata5 Member Posts: 336

    Only happens almost every tuesday when they have a patch or maitnenance. I hate it to but best thing to do about it is to occupy yourself with something else while you wait to log in. Most of the time now I never log in on tuesdays because of this nonsense.

  • CroeCroe Member Posts: 194

    i bid on stuff on the ah before the server goes out i dunno for sure if itl work ill post again when the servers up, if it did work i got some pretty cool stuff for cheep.

  • damicatzdamicatz Member Posts: 102

    I can see what the problem is from here.

    For whatever reason, the idiots at Blizzard have decided to change the IP addressing setup of their network. It looks like they misconfigured at least one of the routers, possibly more.

    This is not an ISP problem because when you are talking about IP addresses for something like WoW, they are leased. It's not dynamic and they don't change willy nilly. Though the ISP does make a convinent scapegoat.

  • viet_boy33viet_boy33 Member Posts: 395

    Know the ironic part is, these problems happen right after weekly maintence. Went from really laggy and crappy servers, to not playing at all

    I can log in every now and then, but then sometimes just says cant connect. go there for Naruto episodes!!

  • 92165449216544 Member Posts: 1,904

    Argh I want to see if I got a new rank! Most tuesdays I can log in by about 9 pm. But right now im bringing up steam to go play some CS.

  • WordaenWordaen Member Posts: 203

    Originally posted by MasterchiefM

    This happens all the time i cant log in!

    Given their current routing issue, this is what I get when I go to their page too :

    The page cannot be displayed

    The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings


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