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Wow at least the page works now

This is what you see when you start Horizons now:

Horizons: Temporary Page

We have been experiencing a high volume of traffic to our web servers. To temporarily resolve this issue we have limited access to our web site. By keeping this page open it will reload automatically until you are able to login. We understand the frustration you are experiencing and we will not let this situation continue. Thank you for the patience you have shown during the launch of Horizons: Empire of Istaria.

Gothokaos Maelstrom


  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    They forgot to activate the script that refreshes it....honestly Artifact! I could do better.::;^|:: Stay on and post when you can log again. I am going into a state of suspended animation....


    "Whoever controls the media controls the mind..-'Jim Morrison"

    "When decorum is repression, the only dignity free men have is to speak out." ~Abbie Hoffman

  • LordAnubisLordAnubis Member Posts: 112
    LOL this is so gay i keep trying but i cant get in image o well i got a death point against me at the mo ne way so it should be off by the time they fix this

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