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Categorize your MMOs by feature and distinguish this site.

After reading the pro/con debates on Death Penalties and Instancing and posting in both, I realized that this website could greatly advance its cause.

As I posted in the Instancing thread, the time has come, based on the evolution of the genre (for better and for worse), for this site to categorize each game by features so that it can better target the selective markets and niches that are developing.  In other words, with the click of a button, a gamer at this site should be able to see what features a game offers.  As I look to my left, I see the "Released Games" menu and I should be able to draw my mouse arrow over a game and watch a drop down menu list all its features.

PvE, PvP, RvR, Instancing, No instancing, Persitent World vs. Non-Persistent, multiple rules servers y/n, single vs. multiple characters per realm, leveling vs. skill-based, Death Penalty vs. No Death Penalty, number of races, number of classes, subscription vs. non-subscription based, etc. etc. etc!

List the categories and then elaborate.  Code em if necessary or use a check system so you can see all games compared to one another down the list.  I don't really care how or how detailed exactly, but it will be an innovative yet basic way to separate yourself from the others out there.




Permadeath and environmental challenges are the next great step in the evolution of MMORPGs. Only through true adversity will one feel accomplished. Only in truly knowing you can die will true adversity present itself.

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