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Should I buy GW?:)

Num43Num43 Member Posts: 21

As much as I looked I chouldnt find a Beta-Test or a friend who owns GW, I have no past exp in it but I consider buying it.

I played in WoW and really liked it so I really dont know which one to get so I whould like to hear what GW is all about from pepole who play it and not from pepole who try to sell it to meimage


if my questions were already answered a nice Link to a topic whould be cool:)


  • PLIKOPLIKO Member UncommonPosts: 4

    There is a beta test for the new chapter tomorrow, Guild Wars: Factions

    Hope to see you there.

  • atalantisatalantis Member UncommonPosts: 104
    It's not as involved as some others, but still fun to play.  If you want a game that you will never see the entire game, you're looking for EQ.  Not enough expansions for GW yet.
  • Num43Num43 Member Posts: 21
    Thx for the link:) too bad I missed a day of it but if its good I'd buy it the sec the beta ends heheimage
  • CeylousCeylous Member Posts: 134

    For some reason this game reminds me of a rather different game called Magic The Gathering Battlegrouds for the xbox. The way in which the spells cast and how they wear off is much the same way. I loved battlegrouds but no one plays it.

    I've played GW for about 3 days and I'm liking it. You can have a subjob as well but the only thing thats holding the game back for me is the lack off characters. Also another thing I find interesting is that ive played the necromancer, mesmer, and ranger and at least all of these characters in the beginning have spells to heal themselves which is interesting.

    just my 2 cents ::::20::

    Is there an MMO that out there that isn't affected by Xao Ping Wang and their money grubbing macro bots?
    Just say no to ingame money/mob farming.... the site says it all

  • Traint-YeoTraint-Yeo Member Posts: 7

    Guild Wars is a verry nice game, whit nice and funny people, en VERRY nice graphics for a big game.
    the same counts for World of Warcraft, I like that game also a lot. The onley thing that is a shame for Guild Wars is: The low final level (lvl 20)
    But it is a really nice mmorp.

  • thepkerthepker Member Posts: 192

    Dont get me wrong

    If you want a game that keeps ya entertained for hmm.... 2-4weeks. Guild wars is the game for you. I reached 20 in 1 week and beat it in 2 (I got lucky on a mission I think) then i made another character and got bored so it took me 3weeks without da luck then I quit it. the pvp system isnt bad but theres nothing else to do after beating the game scept pvp n farming YAWN!. I hate the armour system and they dont have alot of different kinds of armour so YAWN! its boring.

    Sound is great if u download the sound track


    the community i cant say much about it cuz i never really interacted with it (Weird right?) but because I had a great guild I say its mature and great

    so get it for short term entertainment If ya want


  • evolution03evolution03 Member Posts: 8
    if you like PVP,that's a game you must buyimage
  • Firestar250Firestar250 Member Posts: 27

    Yah its a good game but it is not big enough to play for a long time. I played for about 2 weeks then i stopped because there was not much left to do.

  • Traint-YeoTraint-Yeo Member Posts: 7

    That is becous there are ONLEY 20 levels...that is a down point
    But it is a GOOD game image

    WoW has more levels and a lot to discover but Guild Wars is not as big a WoW.
    And WoW begins to be intresting when you get to lvl 10
    And Guild Wars is intrsting from the start image

    (say's a new guy image)


  • thepkerthepker Member Posts: 192

    Yeah lol pvp rocks in it (provided you have some pve experience) for better skills

  • STOKevzSTOKevz Member Posts: 3

    I'm still thinking about geting it I should have my new comeputer done in a week and I have two friends that play it all the time ::::31::::::30::

    You are what you kill

  • devilboy09devilboy09 Member Posts: 8

    great pvp,short I finished the pve,if I didnt feel like actually pvping myself,I just observe top guild matchs and tourney matchs which is alot of fun.

  • WontarWontar Member Posts: 7

    As someone says, if you like PvP a lot, this is the game for you. If you like crafting - don't even come near. Community is nice fellas. Not much harsh language. sure everywhere is immatures, but here are more rarely.

    If someone says that there is not much to be done, then probably he haven't got all of the game. Campaign, Elite Skills hunt, Sorrow Furnace hunts, Underworld, Fissure of Woe, Rank farming :) Just try and get FoW armor. takes around ~1.3 mil gold to get it :) The game has various possibilities and is well balanced.

    Unlike WoW, it's a skill based game. it means you have less time getting high level, but to master your profession(s) you'll need much more time. (months actually). All the professions have at least 3 subuses. (i.e. Monk. can be healer/protector/bonder/diviner).

    The absence of monthly fee also makes it attractive to USSR ppl. Big online counts.

    I think great game overall.

  • unholy414unholy414 Member Posts: 37

    You should read my thread if you want an honest opinion of this game.

  • adrianrguezaadrianrgueza Member Posts: 1

    if you like pvp this is your game you can play it months. The better pj is no the one who has play more time, is the one who use better his pj. PVE is for learn how to use the pjs and and learn skills for pvp pj that you can make with lvl20, and PVE cooperative mission are the best things i saw, it isnt like other mmorpg games in which you only kill mobs to get exp, this is boring. i recomed you this game and you dont have to pay any fee

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