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Heroes of Sparta MMORPG

alexisgalexisg Member UncommonPosts: 9

Heroes of Sparta is a game based on the times of Ancient Greece. Heroes of Sparta aims to bring every one great game play at no cost! Though the game is only 2D the Heroes of Sparta development team strive to bring it's gamers the best game possible. We plan to add in as many features that the imagination can think up!!

Website -

Contact us for more info at - [email protected]

Features -

- Weekly player and GM events

- All cities in the game can be siege

- Multiple classes to choose from, Spearman, Horseman, Archer and Civilian

- May choose which state you want to join and defend your home land!!

- Player owned properties include - Houses, Shops, Farms

- Players may also form settlements and even develop into great cities!!

- Hero system - Only one Hero will rise above the rest, complete daring quests no man has accomplished and prove that you really are a Hero of Greece!

- Build your house, shops and farms the way you want them!

- Create your very own custom characters!! Create your character which ever way you want!!

- Rule all of Greece by forming guilds and dominating all the cities!!

- Commit a crime and be locked up in prison!

It's cold, it's dark, let hell loose...

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