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won a rose 100 key..now what?

toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

just an enquiry if anybody knows...

iam one of the lucky 100 who has won a rose 100 key and ive registred it as required

just wondering, as i have forgott, what actually is it for now???

when i clik on link it only gives yet another opertunity to claim thecode prize, and i cant find anything anywere...anybody give me any info if possible???



  • neotokyoneotokyo Member Posts: 18

    yeah same here, not sure, i really wanna start playing, maybe we wont get it till all 100 have been confirmed?

  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    mm i cant remeber whata was the prize..can u?

    i ave been and downloaded teh client thow m8..u may want to do same it took a while.

  • neotokyoneotokyo Member Posts: 18

    Well while im waiting for the sign p stuff ill download the client.

  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22


    what and when did we actually win by being one of the 100 winners??

  • damagedamage Member UncommonPosts: 45

     I think that we need to w8 for all 100 people to clame the prize, for those that don't know what we won we have won a rose online account for 3 months free.::::28::

  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    ooo nice one

    looks good, and iam looking for a new mmorand i played legend of mir for 4 years so could like this...thx for answer m8

  • rickintxrickintx Member Posts: 10

    Same here, I got one of the accounts, but didn't see any info on how to set it up.

    So, I think I jumped the gun.  I set up an account and made sure my personal info matched my mmorpg info, which is the only helpful thing I found for the contest winners.  Now I have an account that says it expires in a week, so I doubt I'll be able to use the free 3 months without creating another account for it.  I don't mind creating another new account, since I know so very little about the game, my first character will probably have all the wrong stats anyway.

    My guess is the person who said we probably have to wait for all the winners to respond before we get further instruction.  I hope that's it.

  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    well guys...dont know about u , but i keep cheking the winners page..(link on home page)..and we still waiting for 4 to confirm..u only get 24 hrs though, as you can see quite a lot of missed out, becase of this..so anybody reading this..who entered, chek if your a winner.

    i cant wait for the free 3 months..bored to death of wow now...so come o you 4...get ya fingers out...:P:P

  • damagedamage Member UncommonPosts: 45

    Hi i got some info for all the winners.


    Yes, once we have all 100 names we will send them to Gamesrouter.com and
    they will issue the prizes. It could be 5-12 days until you get your free

    Congrats on your win!


    I hope it helps::::28::

  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    thanks for info...
    and is it as stated..3 months free account??

  • damagedamage Member UncommonPosts: 45

    Here is what we win.

    The prize is one (1) of one hundred (100) 3 month accounts for ROSE Online for Windows PC machines. Accounts are non-transferable. Winners are responsible for providing true and correct information. Winners will have to accept the Gamesrouter terms and conditions to receive their prize.


  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    lol...how many more goes at gettng the 100th person are we gonna get...

    iam checking daily , cant wait...and yet each day sees another disqualification...and another day to wait.....

    lol cant u send the 99 in .....the disqualified list is getting longer and longer

    come on people chek ya emails...:P


    woohoo finaly....100up

    see you guys in there.......

    name will be either........drno......or toz66.......feel free to msg me ingame all mates welcome...especially any that have played before..:P

  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    shouldnt think so m8,
    even f your playing still, iam guessing they will still give you 3 months,,...after all we have won a competition.

    me!.. i just wish they would get a shift on...lol just kiddiing...deserate to try game out again, after getting rid of my wow addiction, thank god.....
    any official viewss here guys, to update us winners exactly when,were,whats happening with this prize now all 100 have verified.

  • ExcaliburExcalibur Member Posts: 37

    Still patiently waiting for the mail with the 3 month account info ::::29::

  • damagedamage Member UncommonPosts: 45

    From what i was told It could be 5-12 days until you get your free account when all 100 are picked so not to long now i hope::::34::

  • ExcaliburExcalibur Member Posts: 37

    Hmm, there seem to be some problems at R.O.S.E. Europe :


  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    aghhh noooo

    i hope its not true.....however i know from personal past experiance with quality online,that they are not as a big company as they used to brag about, knowing someone personally that gave me this information.......lets just say, it wouldnt surprise me in the slightest if it was all true.

    be intrested if soeone form mmorpg would comment here on what would happen with out prizes if indeed this was the case.......hows about honouring the prizes but on the US servers.....or wouldnt that be possible??

    be a dam shame if we miss out on this.....been really looking forward to it.

    would we get any other kind of prize if it did fall through???

  • damagedamage Member UncommonPosts: 45

    Hmm From what i can rember from the rules is that we will get another prize worth the same as the rose account if somthing happens to euRose.

    i might be wrong... ::::06::

  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    Originally posted by damage
    Hmm From what i can rember from the rules is that we will get another prize worth the same as the rose account if somthing happens to euRose. i might be wrong... ::::06::

    hope your right m8.

    does anybody from mmorpg ever actualy commet on these forums at all???, or iam i wasting my time keep coming back to see if they do..:D

  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    update guys from the powers that be here on mmorpg..(thanks guys)

    "We are still working out the details. All that we know at this point is we
    are not getting any response from the EU ROSE people. Once we exhaust our
    efforts on this front we will begin to try and work out some kind of
    alternate prize - and ROSE account in the US are a top choice for to try and

    We apologize for all of this - unfortunately we did not have any idea that
    this was going to happen and Gamesrouter gave us no forewarning this was
    going to happen...so we are as stunned as you are.


    so there you have it, rest assuredthey are doing something about it......must say i would be happy with a usa account......:)

  • gulthawgulthaw Member Posts: 17

    Rose is running again ^^

    So, what will happen now? ^^

  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    Originally posted by gulthaw
    Rose is running again ^^
    So, what will happen now? ^^

    is that a deffo there m8, or you just going by the above notice??

    i ws coming just to ask anybody what was hapening with this now

  • toz66toz66 Member Posts: 22

    ok guys another update for you from mmorpg themselves, by email .......

    ..."I don't think this rumor is correct. We are still working on a deal with
    ROSE North America to get our winners a prize."

    the question about the rumour above was of it being back up in europe was what i asked, and what they were trying to do.

    so it still looks like we going to get to play the game..but in north america..which is fine by me. :)

  • gulthawgulthaw Member Posts: 17

    i had an account of ROSE cause i created once i know i win the prize ^^

    why? to try the game before the 3month :D

    cause of that, i receive an email from ROSE once the service start again, i don't care if is in north america or not... my experience with US players is not as bad with other countries :P
    but i do want a prize ^^

    To mmorpg.com -> no pression for u guys, i'm very grateful for this prize, really :D

  • gulthawgulthaw Member Posts: 17


    what's up with this? any info?

    ty in advance

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