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Any Beta testing going on or up and coming?

I have found out that I am a mmo obsessive now! I cant get enough of them. I was just wondering what games are going through beta or will be soon so I can sign up for them. If possible a weblink aswell thanks

Oskeosuw Ionsuw

Chief Of Communications, Ahazi Server


  • digitydarkmandigitydarkman Member Posts: 2,194

    Ohh Im So Scary... BOO

  • BagItTagItBagItTagIt Member Posts: 164

    image Thanks for that site!  thats pretty sweet.  I was glad to see that they are beginning to mention Ultima X (uxo)....i was starting to wonder when that would start to surface for beta.

    Has anyone heard anything else about this game...basically if it is supposed to really good?  I presume i'll end up addicted to it, as ive always loved the old UO games...

    love to hear back....

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