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Patch Message - 01/18/06

OdenathusOdenathus Member UncommonPosts: 605

January 18th, 2006

*** Highlights ***

- M.C. Tinkerton bids all in the Plane of Knowledge farewell as he packs up his Clockwork Party Machine and heads for home.
- The issue where player pets were attacking other players when hit by an AE spell has been fixed. Thanks to all those that helped provide information about this issue.

*** EQPlayers ***

- The leaderboards now exclude tribute, guild tribute, food and drink bonus, and leadership abilities.
- /paperdoll will now auto-update your current character's profile with a real-time screen shot of your character.
- Guild rosters will update more frequently and remain in sync with the game more reliably.
- There are a couple new menu items under the character menu. One will perform a full update of your character much like the slash command does and the other will open a web browser to your current character's profile.
- There is a new option in the option window to disable the auto-update feature to the EQPlayers site.
- Characters will stay up-to-date better.

*** Misc ***

- The issue that some people experienced with being able to cause other people to sit when they sit has been fixed.

- The EverQuest Team

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  • neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    Originally posted by Odenathus
    January 18th, 2006
    *** Misc ***- The issue that some people experienced with being able to cause other people to sit when they sit has been fixed.

    Woo! I am sorry I missed that one. That would have been fun.


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  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586

    Apparently there is current bedlam ingame for EQ.  The cannon ball to kill a fly approach by Sony(SOE) for their mistake has affected far more customers/players than intended & had direct &/or indirect contact with the "beta npc vendors" incident.  Many customers/players are peeved being rolled-back a couple of days losing, in some circumstances, much progression of Exp., items, questing, & Etc. unjustly.  Sony(SOE) customer service striving to make EQ just that more discouraging.  image

    Sony(SOE) to counter-act the rumblings & perhaps stem the tide of /petitions, customers/players promising to cancel, & cussing galore are offering double your Exp from Saturday to Monday to all players.

    This is hearsay to me since not affected by roll-back nor witnessed to these Sony(SOE) mistake vendors, but supposedly this is what kind of happened.  After patch apparently there were new vendors in PoKnowledge.  By Sony(SOE) mistake the vendors were NOT suppose to be there.  There was no mention of this however & some customers/players bought/sold &/or interacted with them.  Apparently these vendor items were cheap.  A couple of hours later Sony(SOE) brought down servers again to remove the vendors.  Sony(SOE) is claiming that only around 1% of the population was affected by roll-back.  Search the EQ forums, seems a lot were affected however!  Also, customers/players that had nothing to do with the vendors were rolled-back causing the controversy.  i know of a Monk who lost a Death's Head Mace, & also a Warrior who lost 3 major fights for the Warrior 1.5 Epic, both apparently not having contact with the vendors.  So, after these vendors were removed, servers brought back up, there was an issued warning stating similar to the sentiment that if you play for the next 24 hours you might be receiving a roll-back as a casualty during Sony(SOE) fixes this unbalancing concern.  Some customers/players are stating they even waited the 24 hours & still got a roll-back.  Also, for future reference, Sony(SOE) should issue such preventive measures during the log-in process via like polls not AFTER you are already logged into the game.  image  Sony(SOE) has also issued a statement upon it's forums that NO refunds of Exp, AAs, items, & such will be offered.  A few cases that will be refunded maybe will be rare dropped loots & maybe Epic pieces.  So, the voices in the winds indicate Sony(SOE) has punished those that took advantage of this Sony(SOE) mistake, called an exploit, & corrected it but also hindering MANY customers/players that had nothing to do with it therefore stealing their time & $ investment for the last couple of days possibly.  Some customers/players are stating just get over it & move on or quit, some are using the EQ due process in hope that the unjust harm will be corrected, some were not affected @ all, & some are maybe going to use the bottom of the EULA Consumer Complaint choice or go with the San Diego Better Business Bureau route.  EQ is a product & a service that customers/players pay Sony(SOE) for providing.  Sony's End User License Agreement(EULA) is not the end-all, "the buck stops here" always.  Hopefully Sony(SOE) will realize the severity of their regime like shock & awe & correct the issues for customers/players.  i hope Sony(SOE) uses this incident to refresh their perspective about customer/player relations with Sony(SOE) which aides all who try* to enjoy EQ.  There is much conversation from all sides currently ingame & on forums about this Sony(SOE) debacle.  i hope all affected unjustly by Sony(SOE) get their concern addressed & corrected, doing the fair thing is what Sony(SOE) should do regardless of the time needed which is why Sony(SOE) did the massive roll-back in the 1st case.  The roll-back was more time efficient even though they have other tools to correct the mistake.  Good luck & take care!

    my 21 days back to EQ are about to expire, which i do thank Sony(SOE) for, & i was wanting to resubscribe by upgrading with that Titanium.  i wanted to find a viable reason, a hope that encouraged, that showed i would be able to progress with current expansion pace & that Sony(SOE) was perhaps finally opening up the EQ game for friendlier casual play as well as for the veteran, hardcore, multi-account customers/players.  Not to meet the highest level content currently, but that if i played i would be able to progress, complete goals, & reach that content of zones & items catered for the pinnacle of level & game play.  So i shall probably not be resubscribing, & this Sony(SOE) incident shows me that customers/players of EQ to Sony(SOE) are not a priority.  i'll post in a few hours on the "Monk's 21 days back to EQ" forum in a bit with how the end will come, trying* to reward those remaining EQers as much as i can.

    Q, MNK, Morden Rasp orphan, unofficial pet class of Sony's EQ  image 

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