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Quick ways to the right post

KormacKormac Member Posts: 297

When you make a reply it would be brilliant if you could get to the top of the reply (even if it comes to the next page) rather than where you were before.

When browsing threads, "Go to last page" or "Go to last post" would be nice as a direct option, rather than only open once you've spent your time loading the thread at page one, which has already been read.

This would help site speed even without improving performance.

The future: Adellion
Common flaw in MMORPGs: The ability to die casually
Advantages of Adellion: Dynamic world (affected by its inhabitants)
Player-driven world (beasts won't be an endless supply of mighty swords, gold will come from mines, not dragonly dens)
Player-driven world (Leadership is the privilege of a player, not an npc)

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