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If your looking for a guild in Shadowbane..

ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257

Then learn to look in the right place:


EVERY single server has an "enlistment" forum where you can look for guilds, or post that you are looking for a guild. Most of the "advanced" nations do not recruit, but there are ALOT of friendly nations that do recruit newish players.

Example of nations recruiting on the Vindication server:
The Burning Horde
The Ascended
The Rare Breed
The Sundered Guard

All of that is from page ONE of the vindication enlistment forum.. I know there is a noble charter that recruits alot, there is a new temple one out that is recruiting, and several zergs out there are begging for more players (just send Eulogy a tell ingame! hahah).

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