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SnaKeySnaKey Member Posts: 3,386

I dunno what it is, but this site loads SLOW. Everything on this site is SLOW. Either your sponser links are too big or your bandwidth is too low. (I checked your main images they are fine) I download at 350kbps on a 1.6mbps ADSL connection and this site takes longer to load than any other site I've ever been too. Include 3mb Flash pages.

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  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Member Posts: 2,316
    I agree.  Half the time i try to come to this site it's either not responding or very very very slow.  Just posting a message sometime the site will hang for over a min.
  • IckisIckis Member Posts: 5

    I do not experience much trouble with loading the site, but i do think it's unnecessary to load an entire new page when I just click "more emotes". Because that sure does take a (peep)load of time.image


  • KnallkoppKnallkopp Member Posts: 38

    Agreed :(

    You have 0 chance to sometimes follow discussions since the site just needs MUCH to long to load.
    I would even say its the slowest site i ever found in the net, and that has something to say ::::15::

    I hope this gets better someday, since i still really like the forums.



  • SigneSigne Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,524

    I can't even get INTO any of the game specific forums at the moment. I don't usually wish for anyone to get sacked but, in this case, ....

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