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AI and exisiting account

RykerRyker Member UncommonPosts: 207
Just curious, I have an old account with up to shadowlands expasion and it looks like to upgrade it to AI it will cost $20. It also looks like if you have a free account you can get all the expasions for $9, is that right.


  • lordgonzolordgonzo Member Posts: 6

    I am sure if you write to the customer support you´ll get AI for 9 bucks too.
    But I see your point, Funcom seems to be more interested in the froob-players than us who pays or have paid (like you).

  • Phoenix_HawkPhoenix_Hawk Member UncommonPosts: 145

    The whole upgrade to all expansions thing for $10 is a special, not a fixed offer to fr00bs. They just seem to be running it for a long time. As lordgonzo said I'm sure if you ask or maybe even if you don't you could upgrade for $10.

  • Stratus8Stratus8 Member Posts: 173

    I dont even want to pay for the game lol...

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