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GunZ Online

I downloaded GunZ online the other day and it doesn't work on my computer. I used to play it, about a year ago. However, I can't remember if I played it on this computer or on a different one (the other computer has crashed since then, and it beyond repair. which means no games can be played on it). I tried to install the Korean version, figuring maybe it was just the international version in general which wasn't working. That didn't work, either. So I guess it must just be my computer.

Anyway, the point of all this, does anyone who plays/played GunZ Online know of another game similar to it? I want to play GunZ, but that apparently can't happen...


  • desk_moddesk_mod Member Posts: 282
    What is GunZ I have neva played it what do you do on it?
  • LeToe06LeToe06 Member Posts: 6

    Basically in GunZ Online there are no quests, no clans/guilds. All you do is make a character, and run around killing other characters. You gain experience as you kill. You also gain money. You can use that money to buy better guns/swords. Basically the game is very one-dimensional, but it satisifies the lust for killing quite nicely..::::35:: It has sortof Matrix style moves/flips in it, too

  • DaEm0nDaEm0n Member Posts: 520
    Yep. It sounds like an online FPS, but its not. It's 3rd person view.


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  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,297

    Don't forget you can hack walls with a sword to climb walls and do Super Kung-fu high Flying attacks.
    Or knock people down with a knife and shoot them pointblank with a shotty.

  • pingopingo Member UncommonPosts: 608

    Gunz is a very fun game. Its currently in beta, but its awesome.


    Its not a FPS. It has persistent characters. you make a character, gain levels, gain experience, get money which you can buy new weapon and armor for.

    The controls are very FPS. But you can dodge to the sides like in max payne. you can fight with dual wielding swords like in a fighting game, you can even run on walls. you can even fall from a ledge and stick your sword in a wall and hang there.


    quest system is coming. so is clan matches. they are in the korean version but its coming. its still early beta. but it rocks.


    they should make a gunz forum.

  • JoliustJoliust Member Posts: 1,329

    Don't forget the dual swords can block the bullets. It is a lot of fun.

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  • LaserwolfLaserwolf Member Posts: 2,383
    That's it! I'm sold!


  • DarkchronicDarkchronic Member Posts: 1,088

    Also, don't forget the stupidly large numbers of hackers, people who stand there AFK while you hit them for 10 minutes, and nothing happens. Also, the l337 speaking kiddies, the lack of any variation in equipment, ooh, and did I mention the l337 kiddies?

    Great game though.

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  • SackynutSackynut Member Posts: 558

    its fun, but I thought it gets really repetitive after a while.


  • Tyson03Tyson03 Member Posts: 49

    Not to mention it's definantly not newb freindly. There are these moves called "Exploits", which are used in order to get somewhere quicker, and basically, own THE EFFING A outta someone, lol.

    I used to play GUNZ. Got up to LVL 30. Can't play it anymore...my new connection company sucks dah big ba**sack, lol.

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