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What is the population of diablo currently and is it still worth playing.


  • NierroNierro Member UncommonPosts: 1,755

    US West has a normal population..servers (games) are limited to...8 people if I remember right. I don't think the games worth getting anymore..it's much to outdated for my tastes and it still costs 40 or 30 dollars..not worth it imo.

    If you've ever played Warcraft online, or any games singleplayer/multiplayer online..it's a similar setup..but with much less people in a game.

  • DaEm0nDaEm0n Member Posts: 520

    I agree.

    Not worth getting. If there were several big servers instead of small ones that limit 8 people then it would be worth looking into to. Until then, nope. image


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