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action rpg

What is your favorite action rpg. Mines diablo.imageimageimage


  • Pat1487Pat1487 Member UncommonPosts: 5

    Chrono Triger for SNES will always be my fav. RPG. I still play it on my PSP ::::01::

  • ZepeeZepee Member Posts: 947

    Mine is Diablo(2) as well, followed closely by Never Winter Nights. Those two were simply awsome! I also played Sungeon Siege, but i didn't become quite fond of it and I think its not worth the rating it has been given... It has a decent storyline, but its a one way grinding... you can't even try and do it again for geting the "EB3R L33T" items...

    On a side note I would liek to post that The Legend of Zelda would be on the top my list, simply I can't get myself to consider it an RPG... its more like an Action/Adventure game to me.

    EDIT: P.S. This should be in the off-topic forum


    Played- Runescape, Conquer
    Tested- EQ, RYL, Freeworld

  • moonfogmoonfog Member Posts: 979

    The term "action-rpg" is confusing IMO. I think the more common term is "Hack & Slash" game. Action happens in all games....

    As Hack & Slash I have to agree that Diablo II is the best in that genre. Awful game rpg wise.

    But RPG wise Baldurs Gate II beats them all into the ground. Baldurs Gate II owns all. imageimage

  • GrayShadowGrayShadow Member Posts: 53

    Originally posted by moonfog

    But RPG wise Baldurs Gate II beats them all into the ground. Baldurs Gate II owns all. imageimage

    I'll back that up. BG II ftw =)

    Gray Shadow

  • KormacKormac Member Posts: 297
    The storyline and immersive environment of Torment had me enchanted. Some newer games were also strong, but they lacked something Torment had. But this really isn't about MMORPG's. Not even if you take them online, since they're more like the games on battlenet, with very few players.

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    Player-driven world (beasts won't be an endless supply of mighty swords, gold will come from mines, not dragonly dens)
    Player-driven world (Leadership is the privilege of a player, not an npc)

  • Jimmy_ScytheJimmy_Scythe Member CommonPosts: 3,586

    Freedom Force. I'm a big comic book geek and this game just took me on a joy ride through Jack Kirby-esque cheesyness. I'd also have to put X-Men: Legends on that list.

    For fantasy, I was always partial to Nox. It's pretty hard to find nowadays, but the online PvP was a blast. Until all the cheaters flooded the servers anyway.....

  • MunkaMunka Member UncommonPosts: 252

    Well I don't have any ONE favorite but I'll list a few of ones I do enjoy playing, and FYI it's not in any order.

    Diablo 2
    Baldurs Gate Series
    Icewind Dale Series
    Planescape Torment
    Divinity Series
    Dungeon Seige Series
    Neverwinter Nights (Old and New)
    Elder Scrolls Series
    Ultima Series (Including Ultima Online and Ultima 9)

    The list could continue on an on but I'm gonna stop here.

  • haylenhaylen Member Posts: 106

    Baldurs Gate II and it's expansion were in my opinion, the best action rpg, and still is btw, only a few to no other games (except for Neverwinter nights) has such an interesting in depth story, and another great thing about BG, it's isn't about leveling up and grinding and certainly not hack and slash, you actually needed to think before engaging some monster :) Irenicus for life ! (even though he went down fairly easy). And neverwinter nights is great, a wizard or a sorcerer is true fun, mostly because of the well-done spell effects :) (Delayed Fireball for life!), too bad for the oh so choppy character models :) i think they we're tired and just got it over with, if you compare the character models with the enviroment :)

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