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SWG should be removed from mmorpg.com



  • ObraikObraik Member Posts: 7,261

    Originally posted by Cymek

    You SWG fanbois just kill me.
    -> image
    Just for the record, I had played since 3 months after launch and was a pre-pub 10 jedi under the old hologrind system...27 professions, and I had to wait for pub 10 to be a jedi....anyways....mine are in green.
    As I've stated in many posts, I've been playing since the first week of release, and have never quit during the time.  Mine are now in Yellow.

    Originally posted by Obraik

    Originally posted by admriker444

    I dont understand the posters here who claim SOE never lied to us ???? What game were you following ?
    1.) FRS - The force ranking system was disabled 7 months back to be worked on, or so we were told. This was the end-game for many. Hundreds of posts asked when are we getting our FRS back. The response from SOE was always the same...its being worked on. BIG FAT LIE, the NGE was being worked on.
    Who's to say there isn't a NGE FRS down the line?  They have mentioned about developing a Dark and Light side to Jedi
    At What point does it become a load of crap?  I can say that "further down the line" I plan on learning to speak Greek.  But unless I am ACTIVELY PURSUING IT, it is just a bunch of rubbish.  I just goes back to them not wanting to piss the player base off even further than they already have...instead of saying they are not working on it, they say they are and 7 months later...still no plans....not even documents....LIES...THEY ARE NOT WORKING ON IT.  And to defend it by saying it is further down the line is meaningless.
    My point was, we don't know whats happening behind the scenes.  They can't go into extensive details about anything because people get high hopes as what happened with the whole Smuggler fiasco.  Maybe they aren't, maybe they are but neither of us can really say either way.
    2.) Smuggler Revamp - Should I even have to bring this lie up ? Or would you care to see some links for devs responses going back 2.5 years on the so-called smuggler revamp ?
    Dunno if it was a Lie, they probably did intend to do it, but got too far ahead of themselves in what they were promising.
    Oh, I am sure they "intended to do it" and it has nothing to do with "getting too far ahead of themselves"....it is because they were busy prepping the carpet-pull AKA the NGE.  I just can't imagine what would have been fixed in the original game given the same development effort that the NGE took to make.
    I believe they had two different teams for what was Live at the time and the NGE.  We got the CH revamp, the Squad Leader revamp and about to get a Ranger revamp, they would have been working on the NGE during this time.  It's not entirely unreasonable to think that they could have been developing smuggler stuff to suit the old system.
    3.) Capitol Ships - For the flyboys, this was what kept them around waiting for. The promise of capitol ships was very appealing. After dangling that bait for the players for half a year a dev casually mentioned that there never were any real plans for capitol ships. BIG FAT LIERS.
    Er no, they said they had no set date for Capitol Ships, not that they didn't have any plans for them.  They obviously have done some development hence the video.  They've made mention that the next expansion will hopefully be GCW related, so it makes sense that they could become a part of that.
    OK,  I will consent this one.  It had always been stated that the capital ship video was a technology demonstration.  The only other time it was dangled in front of us as a possible feature was Smed's latest plea to the community.
    If you look back at that fan fest video, you'll see a big hint of the NGE ;)  Notice the person is always holding the cursor over the target to attack the rebels on the Corvette? 
    4.) Pearls - Premiums and flawless pearl drops were broken around the CU 7 months back. Repeatedly devs posted it was being looked at, worked on, etc. Total fat lie cause devs basically nerfed it to bring jedi in balance with other classes.
    Premiums are back in the game :)
    Hmmm....OK, and what was the excuse for it being broke for 7 months?  It took FOREVER for them to even acknowledge if it was a bug or a change.  Oh, I forgot...how can you fix things in a game when most of your resources are re-writing it in secret.
    Don't think there ever was an explanation why they weren't in game during the CU era.  We can only speculate :p
    5.) Recent expansion - Devs tell Creature handlers buy this expansion cause there's a necklace that will allow you to tame higher level creatures. Devs tell jedi buy this expansion cause there's a lava crystal for your saber. 2 days after this expansion launches SOE spits in our faces with the news that creature handlers along with 25 other professions are being destroyed. And to this date from what Ive read no necklace (not that it would be usful) or lava crystal has been found. Talk about FRAUD.
    The Creature Handler necklace was never part of any official advertising, only made mention once in a Dev chat.  The Lava crystal was advertised, and just last week it was discovered by us players how to make it.  I have personally seen it in action, and you can watch a video of it here http://www.trgapa.com/images/lava.wmv
    That's got nothing to do with the expansion though.  Only 3 professions (BE, CH and TKA) were chopped, the rest were merged.  The rest are only gone in name.
    I could go on for hours about the huge lies SOE repeats but that should be sufficient.
    Now for SWG being removed. I support it 100%. SOE duped its players into investing time and effort and money into a game that no longer exists. They flat out refuse to refund players who paid for 3-6 or 12 month prepaid cards.
    No, they didn't dupe you into investing time.  It's not like way back when they released the game they thought it'd be a cool idea to wait for everyone to get to what they want and then change the game, just to make you feel worthless.  I do agree however that when you cancel you should get credited for whatever time you haven't used in your subscription.
    No comment on this other than agree with subscription fee refunds
    Also, its not really a mmorpg anymore regardless if you like the NGE or not. Its a FPS with a few hundred other players. Thats what I called multiplayer, not mmorpg. FPS alone should deny it the right to be classified a mmorpg. Skills, stats, levels, enhancements, gear, etc all the things a mmorpg player strives for are POINTLESS in a FPS.
    The game is a MMO no matter what way you look at it.  Normal everyday games do not and cannot have have hundreds, let alone thousand of players on one server.  It's usually capped at 20-30ish, the amount you'll find in one single place in SWG.  Stats, levels, enhancements and gear still play a very important role in the game.  Getting stated clothing will increase your health and damage output.  Higher stated armour is obviously going to protect you better and foods/drinks will provide you with temporary stat bonuses that work in the same way as clothing stats.  Higher level weapons will help do higher damage (yes, the weapon stats DO matter). Ie, just like it used to.  The only part that resembles and FPS is the actual combat, everything else is pretty much the same.
    ....we could argue forever to no end about the semantics of what makes a MMO...no comment.

    I really can't believe the excuses some fanbois make for SOE....some of your replies to the OP are so ludicrous, one has to wonder how many folks around here trying to prop the NGE up work for SOE.  It does not matter if the NGE was good or not...the fact is it destroyed the SWG community as we know it...it destroyed the game we knew.  This is not SWG any longer.

    No, the community is not destroyed.  If you step into game, you will still find the friendly community that are willing to help each other to work towards a goal.  You will find Veterans taking those new to the game under their wings and showing them how to do stuff, just like you did 8 months ago.  Of course, looking at the forums I could see how you'd think otherwise.

    I support removing it from the list here and the one at stratics due to questionable business ethics from SOE.  This would send them and others in the future a strong message that the behavior of ripping players off is not acceptable.  I mean even SOE knows they ripped people off.  Do you really think they offered a ToOW refund out the of goodness of their heart?  They only offered a refund because THERE WAS A VALID CASE OF FRAUD ON THEIR HANDS...they didn't want a class-action suit on their hands in the midst of all the already bad publicity.  Soo....taking the refund into consideration, even SOE knows there is a valid fraud argument against them.

    No, I think you'll find they did it simply because it looked bad.  Had a court case happened, it most likely would have gone SOE's way as the expansion was still as described in the adverts.  You could still do everything on Mustafar just like you could pre-NGE.  However, the damage would have been done.



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