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Request (plz, plz, PLZ don't flame)

I am looking for a game that is unique with cool features, has a fairly big fanbase(50,000+), intresting classes and events, and a good combat system and that is free or under $12.00 as a monthly fee. It also must have intresting monsters. It can be 3d or 2d.


  • SaftwearSaftwear Member Posts: 124

    I'd say that you should check out UO. Yes the graphics are a little old, but compared to every other game on the market it by far offers the most features and greatest gameplay.

    The other nice thing is that you buy the box for 20 bucks and get 45 days to test it out, plus the abiltiy to make a higher end character.

    If you like it, you can continue paying, or you can use the client to login to other privately run servers to find the game style/play you like the best..

    Plus different private shards may allow tools that make playing the game a lot more user friendly.
    So spend the 20 bucks, try the real deal, then either pay or don't, and you can still enjoy what this game has brought to the table.

    It really is an intense game for PvE, and PvP. plus the crafting and house creation is just insane.

    I know it's the classic MMO, but it has been around this long for a reason

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