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what class/race will u be?



  • N-KoshiN-Koshi Member Posts: 10
    I really don't know yet. Either a Cora offensive caster or a dual wielding Accretian. I don't know enough yet about the classes to know which are best at these things.. Does anyone else know?
  • legendgodlegendgod Member Posts: 9
    im going for cora>spiritualist>summoner>grazier
  • OkardOkard Member Posts: 2
    I'm going to do Accretia>Warrior>Destroyer>Punisher=)
  • Gray_FoxGray_Fox Member Posts: 2

    Im going

    Bellato>Ranger>Sniper>Infiltraitor also

  • DenSirakDenSirak Member Posts: 51
    Whatever gets me in a sweet Mech, I'm okay with.

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    LOTRO, Rift (beta) and WoW (on occasion)

  • ReptaRepta Member Posts: 25

    I'm having hard time deciding Core>warrior>Knight>Blackknight

    or the Accretia>Warrior>Destroyer>Punisher

    I wanna go Cora, but they seem more Caster oriented and im thinking that may mean a weaker Warrior, thought anyone? or experience if possible? am i right in believing so?


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