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beta key

sabrejaysabrejay Member Posts: 39
alright i pre ordered RF Oline and waited all night for the key and never got it, can anyone that pre ordered tell me how long it took them too receive there key any info would help thank you =).


  • I_am_stupidI_am_stupid Member Posts: 70

    I'm a beta winner and still haven't received a key yet either. Draknor says the beta's gonna start in Feburary so I don't think we have to worry so much right now. I would be nice if they send the key pretty soon but of course they are also pretty busy.

  • sabrejaysabrejay Member Posts: 39
    the beta is suppose too start sometime january and the game comes out what ive heard.
  • OnomaOnoma Member Posts: 44
    I got around philipines ID block for RF online and played it for a while.  The games screenshots / story line / videos are very misleading.  If only the game really looked like that.  Even with my computer on full settings the graphics are not that good the camera motions / movements suck majorly.  The games just over all dull it reminds me of a futuristic Everquest.  It would be a better game if they spent more time on the graphics / camera.  If some company would make a free fire / free shooting time game it would be so much more fun.  Its not entertaining pushing a button athe character automaticly moves up to him aims and fire and u have to kee ppushing hte button eveyr time it recharges just to fire.   Was totally disappointed. image
  • sizzflairsizzflair Member UncommonPosts: 29

    mm what kind of computer do you have? cuz the computers of the movies are probably really godly lol....

  • DakkanonDakkanon Member Posts: 289

    I_Am_Stu, Closed Beta starts this month. Date unknown.

    Retail version was due to be out in stores in Feburary. Date unknown.

    This was according to Codemasters, back in November. I haven't heard different yet.

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