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So I played this in Korea...

sizzflairsizzflair Member UncommonPosts: 29

I had a loss in the family so I got to visit Korea for about 3 weeks.  I quit MMORPGS a while ago because they were so addicting.... but what can i do?  Korea is famous for MMORPGs and it's addictiion level haha.


Anyway, Korea has a LOT of internet cafes.. and i mean A LOT.  I sat and saw something called RF online.  I was curious and registered for my 3-day trial in the korean server.  First I noticed was empty servers.  There are 2-3 servers with a lot of people but the rest were almost empty.  I had a good hour of gameplay and I LOVED IT.  I've done many research and realized that the game isn't doing so well in the Korean community.  I guess Koreans are too into Lineage series with elves and all that that they aren't really into SF MMO's. 

However, after playing this game I am almost thinking about getting a new computer (i recently sold mine for $$$ lol) and possibly start playing this when it comes out...

If you want more information, I can try to dig up some from Korean sites (which they provide LOTS of info) so if you have any questions, feel free to post it! :)

BTW, I think there's a lot of grinding in this game too like Lineage 2.. .not really sure in the high levels since I played it for only like an hour or so.  Graphic looks good... the bad thing is that you can't really fall or jump off a cliff... you HAVE to take the road which is kinda stupid in my case.


  • noname12345noname12345 Member Posts: 2,267

    I think they are giving the American version less of a grind (hopefully).

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  • sizzflairsizzflair Member UncommonPosts: 29

    Yea I sure hope so :)


    BTW what do you guys think about my new setup?


    Dell inspiron 9300 laptop:

    Pent. M 760 2.0ghz

    Nvidia 6800 256mb Go

    1GB ram


    I think I should be able to run the game pretty smooth..(whenever the game comes out is when I get my laptop)

  • I_am_stupidI_am_stupid Member Posts: 70

    wow, what a coincidence, i got the same computer with almost the same configurations.

  • mikomimikomi Member Posts: 12

    this is what i think of your rig ::::28:: ::::28::

    What did you enjoy about your experience with RFO?


  • sizzflairsizzflair Member UncommonPosts: 29

    haha well I didn't get the laptop YET but... It's not as good as the computer i had previously (it was a godly set up image)  I think I'll get it when RF tells me to play the beta lol


    About my experiences... you will NOT level up fast just for your info.  However this game is not about leveling, but leveling your masteries... I personally think it's a good thing AND a bad thing.  If you look at it, it kind of gets rid of the grinding to reach a high level.  However, for you PVP maniacs who wants to "pwn" everyone and be the "l33t", expect to do HOURS AND HOURS of grinding to get your skills and masteries (passive) to GM (Max).  If you want me to go over it, I'll put up a new post.

    I've just got this info from korean site and its forums... MANY people are grinding to get their masteries to FULL... they say it almost takes 2 months + (ONLY when played almost 24/7... expect to get it to be pretty long...)to get the skills and masteries to the max.  This also requires plenty of $$$.  For example, according to korean players, one of the crucial (possibly the MOST) mastery is the defence (i don't know how the english system is) mastery.  This mastery is leveled by getting hit by monsters or other players.  However, the flaw of this is that the mastery will only grow when you are damaged at least 5% of your max hp.  So if you had 1000 hp, you have to take 50 damage to start leveling your mastery.  Also, you CANNOT just go around and get as many mobs to hit you.  They say that only 2 hits are taken into the mastery points per second.  Think about just sitting there getting hit by monsters and drinking pots... JUST to level up your defence mastery.  This is the GRIND of RF online... what do you think?  Leveling grind or mastery grind? 

    Sure a lot of people will just go its normal path and play like usual.  The other FLAW is that when in a party, there is small or hardly any mastery point (don't ask me why) gains.  About 99.9% of korean users say that if you want to level, party... if you want to become godly in the future, solo and do Mastery grinds....


    This is about as much info I got so far.  I wonder what people waiting for RF online is thinking about... I mean the gameplay is awesome and the whole SF MMO is different from the typical EQ and lineage... however, don't expect it to be SOO different.  The graphics are really good, but almost like Lineage 2 kind... It's your basic MMO but with a different tint to it.  I really enjoyed it, but that was just the beginning.  I don't know if this game will really take me far with the whole grind scheme of mastery leveling.  The cool this is the RvR system I think.  Big time battles remind me of Lineage Sieges and clan wars.  :)

  • mikomimikomi Member Posts: 12

    Thanks for the insight. I have a better idea of what RFO is about now.
    From what you have mentioned about the skills, I don't think that's a bad idea. That's akin to what FFXI has implemented with their skills. Mastery through experience. It's just something I'm used to from other games, but perhaps there are other better ways? I just hope, overall, it's fun.


  • sizzflairsizzflair Member UncommonPosts: 29

    of course it will be fun :)



    btw, I spent about 15 minutes translating some Korean sites on information about RFO... however, I happened to go "back" which meant that I lost all the stuff I was writing!!!image

    soon whenever I feel like it, I'll post it lol.  I'm going to post VERY detailed information on just basic stuff (skills, masteries, RvR system, enchanting... etc which you really need to know I think)  It will include screenshots and other stuff, I'm just going to do my best to translate.


    Stay tunedimage

  • mikomimikomi Member Posts: 12

    I can't wait. Thanks for putting out the effort. ::::28::


  • surjstrifesurjstrife Member Posts: 154

    it will be sweet

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  • sizzflairsizzflair Member UncommonPosts: 29

    Part I --- Masteries are posted!

  • Stryfe1987Stryfe1987 Member Posts: 76
    id just liek to say id like a game that takes quite a while to get good at, and build your character up, unlike WoW. id rather not see everyone that jumps right in able to beat out everyone else.
  • Defense is easy to level up, believe it or not. When I was leveling up as a warrior (in the Japanese Beta) defense was always the first one to level. Basically, you don't even have to try to level it up because the monsters are extremely powerful damage dealers. Most of the time, the monster usually do like 20 or 30 percent of your hp and some do 50 percent so that's why you buy a lot of backpacks and store it full with potions. The hardest skills to level up are probably the self-buff skills or shield block. Self-buff skills can only be applied to you and it only gains exp every time you use it, and you can't use it until the effect is almost gone (it blinks when it's almost gone) so if you level it up, it takes longer for it to be gone and so, it takes even longer to level it up to GM. Shield skill is also hard because it only gains exp when you block and the percentage of you blocking an enemy one turn from the start is about 10%, so it takes you ten turns to block once and by that time, you would probably already killed the enemy, unless you were purposely letting it hit you. By the way, monsters only attack you when you attack them and they stop attacking you after they hit you about 7 or 8 times, so you have to keep hitting them for them to hit you back. Oh yeah, there is also the "aggressive" mobs. They are in low numbers usually and you don't have to attack them for them to attack you. Basically to level your shield skill up, you have to hit a lot of different monsters and let them attack you and once one stops, attack it again but switch auto attack off. You have to bring a lot of potions because when they add up, they can kill you fast, but it is worth it because the likely hood of you blocking is substantially higher. Also buy a lot of mana potions and use it to buff your self so you can get exp at them as well.
  • DrunkenWDrunkenW Member Posts: 250

    /bump for great info

  • GGGvfunGGGvfun Member Posts: 12

    I have played this game in Korea last year as well,

    it was my first MMORPG game in my whole life.

    I thought it was brilliant game and playing RF led me to

    this site. I can't wait til its release in US



  • VenQWishVenQWish Member Posts: 51

    Hmm, thx for this great info :). But from what I've heard over at the codemasters forum, CM will change around with the numbers and make it a bit of another grind for the western society :).

    Also, I hope there will be enough PvE content to keep me going and hunting for rare drops. RvRvR is fun and all, but I hope the PvE will not suffer because of that. I heard that the Giga3 update has dungeons and pitbosses and stuff? Let's hope it does :).

    Can't wait to play.

  • ElvinasElvinas Member Posts: 11

    Im sure that everyone is waiting for the game, well i am :).

    I just wanted to ask what are the minimum and the recomended requirements to play the game?

    Im very interested will i have to buy a new computer for this game or not, so could someone please help me? ::::02::

  • ElvinasElvinas Member Posts: 11

    Thanks man ::::08::

    May old comp is good enough for the game ::::01::

  • sizzflairsizzflair Member UncommonPosts: 29
    ^^ haha might not be good enough if you want to get the most out of it image
  • JaexynJaexyn Member Posts: 2

    Thanks again to the OP for all the info. I had already intended to play this game, but with the acquired extra info, I have a feeling that I'll really like it. I've played FFXI and Guildwars. I enjoyed FFXI quite a bit due to the fact that someone had previously mentioned about leveling "masteries" through experience.

    Anywho, looking forward to seeing some of you ingame.....whenever that happens lol.


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