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Beta release

doragandoragan Member Posts: 42

Ok, does anyone at all know when, exactly, the beta is going to be released, because i've heard nothing so far.
Thanks in advance :D


  • donz0rdonz0r Member Posts: 101

    Go search on the forums, and you shall find a answer

    Even tho, we heard nothing from about

    All I know is, im confirmed.

  • batfinkbatfink Member Posts: 10

    Only a few rumors. Initial phase is RUMORED to be on the 3rd, and no one knows how long that will be. Second phase, is when I get in :). Third phase the pre-order guys get in.

    Thats pretty much all I have heard. The beta will probably be short, as game mechanics etc don't need so much testing as the game is alread released in some countries.

  • knowomknowom Member UncommonPosts: 195
    I'm not sure but I'm guessing it should be open beta or at least state 2 of closed beta by february it's allready open beta in another country. I'm hoping they'll start phasing people into closed beta through out january I think it was rumoured that on the 3rd they're going to add some people but who knows keep your fingers crossed  I guess.
  • sniper85sniper85 Member Posts: 4

    There isn't going to be any open beta for US/UK release only the 3 parts of closed beta

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