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items questions

ChoniclesChonicles Member Posts: 54

I use to play Earth and Beyond back in the day and I have been looking for a good mmo ever since and it seems like other then eve everything out there is the same old BS midevil times stuff. I like the fact that this game is set in the furture and has from what I can tell some nice new weapons and not just bows, daggers, swords ect. My question is in ENB when you made and item it could come out as different %'s from 0% all the way up to 200%. If you got killed you took a chance of dropping the % witch would lower the amount of dmg, speed, buffs, reload ect. ect. ect. Does RF work like this or close to it?  Also one think I liked about ENB was that you could not drop and item on death like you could on L2.  In RF can you drop items on Death? Lastly are there any epic only items as in non-trade items. Other then ENB. WOW is the only other MMO I have ever seen do this.  

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