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Annoying forum feature

These forums are nice and all in trhat there are some things that make them seem unique. One feature (or bug?) which I haven't seen on other forums is that your activity is tracked by the server and this affects your "location" in the forums. While it might not affect some people it does make it a bit frustrating for me as my "style" of replying to posts doesn't work. It's Hard to explain so I'll try an example:

The way I like to browse forums is that I look through the list of threads and open all the ones that might interest me in new windows. Then I just go through the new windows reading the threads, and replying if I think it is necessary. The problem occurs in the replying part. If I open multiple windows the server thinks I went to this thread moved on, then that thread moved on, then this thread moved on etc. Now if I have multiple windows opened the server "thinks" that I am browsing and planning to reply to the last thread I opened in the last window. So if I opened 4 windows the server thinks I'm planning to reply in that window. As a consequence if I post a reply in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd windows each having different threads the reply will be pasted underneath the latest thread I opened in this case the thread in the 4th window and NOT where I was reallying to reply to.

Don't know if it is technically correct this is just what I have come up with based on the behavior. I wanted to know if some modification could be made to prevent this, and why does this happen in the firt place? No forum I post on I have this problem so there has to be some extra feature either intended for the admin or user or both which is messing stuff up for me.

Please consider my plea :)

Logic? WTF is that?

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