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EQ's Kytherea poos on Monks

DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586

  Not of much importance, but another indication of how Sony(SOE) disregards Monks was the latest Kytherea's Keepsakes 12/22/05 edition.  Though very trivial in matters of the EQ game, as a Monk, i felt worth mentioning.  Cute little jingle by the way, but in the midst of this FurryFoot hymn it even mentions how every class of adventurer was there.  Please correct me if i'm wrong, but where oh where does Kytherea mention Monk(s) as she/he does for the other (15) classes?  i found one possible explanation:  Kytherea was implying that the Shaman pet was indeed a Monk, which is sadly close to truth.  i've stated many times that Monks are the unofficial pet class of Sony's EQ.  Thanks to EQ's Kytherea for finally admitting it, & if i was still playing EQ i would have my Monk Chia-pet your Hamster of War(sarcasm).

  Also i found the recent Developers' Q&Aing too repetitive.  Sony(SOE) has maxed the skill on how to say "No" every way possible.  If the Sony(SOE) Developers want to make an announcement, then do so.  Nice to hear ideas ... any ideas ... from the Sony(SOE) staff of any capacity.  Totally opposite of the Sony(SOE) silent-treatment towards the Stormhammer(Legends) customers a bit ago.  Developers don't need to disguise it as a, masquerading yes we listen to customers, Q&A.  Again, state your ideas/plans & if you want feedback then suggest a method.  Sony(SOE) should try to promote interaction between Sony(SOE) staff & customers, even if a facade, but on a positive note & reciting "No" several different ways isn't too positive.

  Maybe if/when i'm able to activate those (21) free days of play i'll be able to post most my ranting/ideas/suggestions/complaints/ramblings on the EQ Live forums.  Till then, happy holidays to the EQ players present & past.  Happy holidays to the Sony(SOE)EQ staff too, & the staff as well.

  Q, Monk, Veiled One resider, (un)official pet class of Sony's EQ   


  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586

      Just realized i never added a link to what i posted about, here it be:

      Out of all that could possibly be addressed &/or fixed by Sony(SOE) in EQ this is trivial, but since Kytherea works for Sony(SOE) i think an interesting Freudian-slip.

      Q, Monk, Veiled One renter, (un)official pet class of Sony's EQ 

  • tigris67tigris67 Member UncommonPosts: 1,762

    I read it, and I am sorry monks were not discussed within the poem. But I seriously dought there was any "hiddin meaning" behind it to be honest. Just a mistake the writer of the poem made and forgot to add one class. Monk's arn't insanely popular in the world of EQ so my thoughts might be that it just slipped their mind when they were creating it...heck I don't know a single monk in my entire guild...although I partnered up with a twink one yesterday wiith my 47 SK and he rocked dulak with me.

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  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586

      i am here to announce that i am pleased with Kytherea's response upon this concern.  i think she/he handled it with integrity.  Kytherea among some others responded to my posting of this matter upon the official EQ forums.  & so it is Monks are now included in the holiday jingle.  image  i had searched the EQ forums back to Dec. 22nd trying to make sure it had not been discussed, i'm still surprised it had not .. have we EQ Monks been beaten so long into submission by Sony(SOE), i hope not.  Nonetheless, i will believe Kytherea's words that she/he is NOT antiMonk.  i am image every time i think this, but lately i'm pleased with Sony's customer service upon this & a couple other issues.

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