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WOW Gold Price List

wowgoldwowgold Member Posts: 1

World of Warcraft Gold Price List Guide

Information on the cheapest place to buy your World of WarCraft Gold.
Never over pay for your WOW
again. Top currency service providers listed showing you who
has the lowest price.

I have been following the top search terms related to World of WarCraft
gold and for the first time since the game was released; in the month of
November 2005 the combined searches from Google & Yahoo on the terms
listed below have broken through the 100K mark.

So you say who cares. Well I say to all of the anti-gold sellers,
get used to it. People being able to buy and sell gold through third
party currency providers are here to stay. It is big business. While
their are no official statistics on the subject, my best guess is there
are well over 10k full time World of Warcraft gamers who make a
living playing wow by either selling off gold or items to make money, or
selling accounts to people who want to skip by the boring lower levels
of the game and hit the ground running with a decent character.

Visit WOW
Price List today.


Posted by Mark MacKay

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