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New Screen Shots


  • GrimSkunk2GrimSkunk2 Member Posts: 451



  • Dru998Dru998 Member CommonPosts: 85
    This game looks AWESOME!image.  I think I am going to need a computer upgrade though.

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  • FrancoKrisFrancoKris Member Posts: 10

    image i already know my computer cant handel thisimageimage

  • FrancoKrisFrancoKris Member Posts: 10

    sorry double post

  • dominitdominit Member Posts: 64
    damn i cant wait for this game image
  • BigDogofBriaBigDogofBria Member Posts: 147

    wow these are some of the best screenshots i have seen. If you can scroll out as far as these suggests this games graphics are going to be amazing. The size of the monsters really struck me. The b&w rendering of the dragon really blew me away. That thing is going to be huge!

    Plus I have always thought that mounts are an important feature in any mmorpg, and the horse and camels in conan look dynamite!

    cant wait


  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Member RarePosts: 3,972

    Originally posted by FrancoKris

    image i already know my computer cant handel thisimageimage

    lol QFT.

    Luckily I'll be building a new PC with my tax returns next year. image

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  • SpiritofGameSpiritofGame Member UncommonPosts: 1,332

    image Eek! Check out the screen of the guy clan in leather armor and who has a dagger to fight that freaking humungous BEAR who is roaring and charging him.

    That's the kind of stuff I want to do (unless I end up as a bear's snack).


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  • RadeaxRadeax Member Posts: 6

    Wow..the graphics are awesome! Much better than The Chronicle, which I'm thinking of too.

  • LuckyDuckyLuckyDucky Member UncommonPosts: 268

    That funky port town puts Booty Bay to shame! Pretty impressive all around. Hard not to get excited over this one. That world! Think it will be allowable to actually explore those mountains and plains? That snowy peak in the distance, think you will be able to mount up and ride over to it? Seems like the graphics are trying to look like the artists water color rendering of the Conan universe, I mean they have that style about them and I like it. The artist , the one doing the water color paintings is pretty good. Reminds me of Howard Pyle or Wyeth.

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  • SlntasnSlntasn Member Posts: 711

    Why oh Why did u post that?! Now u made me want to play the damn game now heh.


  • warfarinwarfarin Member Posts: 60
    It is impressive looking but does anyone else wondering about how it is gonna run.  Aren't they talking about waging massive battles with tons of people fighting each other seige style.  My computer might melt and it is pretty decent.

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  • LuckyDuckyLuckyDucky Member UncommonPosts: 268

    Yep, framerates could be an issue. As long as a high end machine can run the game at around 35 fps I will be happy. At least that way you know a computer upgrade will get you in the game even if your current one is having trouble. Only if no machine can run it will there be a problem with me. But WoW was just about as graphical intensive as my current rig can manage, I don't mind upgrading for Conan as long as an upgrade will get me acceptable frame rates.

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  • LaneoLaneo Member Posts: 359

    Where are the pics of the Lasses? ;)

    We need more pics of the Ladies. What do they look like?

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  • HyodaHyoda Member Posts: 45
    Alot of the pics I think we are looking at are alot of the single player part of the game. They said that the game is going to come out this Im sure we are going to see alot more pics to come....I hope some trailors as well to show off game play. image
  • WonderwhatWonderwhat Member Posts: 19

    Can't get over the pic of the guy lopping off that creatures head...makes me all warm inside. 


    Anyone know if other body parts can be removed?image

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