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Game looks blocky, but on screens it looks awesome.

makenshiemakenshie Member Posts: 1
While playing this game I thought that this game would have good graphics but i am not sure now. I have a top-notch graphics card (built into motherboard). I dont know if its my computar or the game can some one plesae tell me?


  • cdeepalcdeepal Member UncommonPosts: 148
    Well, the game doesn't have best graphics. It is about 5 years old now and they haven't updated the graphics. And, the graphics for monsters at higher levels gets really ugly.
  • inchigaisinchigais Member Posts: 66

    It's all about Video Driver...
    And if you want better looking fonts go to Propperties > Apperance > Effects and remove all effects except Show shadows under menus

  • iveria18iveria18 Member Posts: 123
    the graphics is now updated cdeepal...try to check the game for u to see the new designs that they made for the game...u feel the spirit of christmas and new year when u play it image...they did put some decoration that will looks like holiday like gifts and christmas trees in Devias...tyr to check it guys..

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  • dopefish18dopefish18 Member Posts: 163
    i have seen the latest graphics and settings of MU image and was really cool image  especially the new look of the Volt,lol, it looks like a santa claus (well i think it is) and he has two reindeers..and when u go to Davias u will see there a beautiful christmas tree and gifts under....u will really feel the spirit of christmas with snow added image

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  • poodle92poodle92 Member Posts: 12

    I dunnoe if this will help, but i used to have the same prob: blocky graphics. What you needa do is go to options on the launcher itself and switch the resolution to your comp's. Should work...

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