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very gaood graphics

In the game age of conan i find that there was very good graphics.image

How thinks like me.


  • Silver.Silver. Member Posts: 368 yeah
    But graphics reqire hardware wich reqire $$$

    and just beacua it has realistinc/good graphics
    do not mean that the game is good, or liked by you...

    BTW: It is "Who thinks like me"

    Cheers! I'm out ::::28::::

  • ClevelandRClevelandR Member Posts: 19

    If you guys havent noticed the graphics from the early videos and the newest video have a huge change, graphic vise. Its quiet amazing looking, plus the change is very noticable
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  • JacobinJacobin Member RarePosts: 1,009

    As long as theres blood.

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