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2 Year Onslaught

GrassBoyGrassBoy Member Posts: 2

Everytime I come back and check a forum relating to UO I see atleast 10 posts bitching about how EA destroyed it, and how it need to be brought back. The fact is, UO OSI IS BUTCHERED! Nothing is going to change and the game doesn't even exist. So what you need to do about it, quit dwelling on the fact that it's gone and join the player-run shard community. People think the emulators suck, and since everyone has their own depiction of how UO should be emulated most of the shards suck. However there is a new emulator that will soon reach 1.0 called RunUO, it uses Microsoft .Net and after trying it and launching a test shard I can honestly say it's the most accurate and perfect <T2D emulator I've seen. The sad fact is they are trying to fully emulate OSI in everyway and therfore are updating to current OSI with all the stuff we traditionals don't like. So start joining the community, raise the population density of the shards, help create a shard where all the people dissapointed about OSI can go. There is a community with so much potential to be developed with so many numbers just passing the opportunity. Joining freeshards is as easy as logging into OSI run shards. So go to http://www.runuo.com join the forums, and help express the populance of individuals who want 1 shard, with 1 body of people who all want 1 thing... THE TRADITIONAL UO or what I call Ultima Online Origin.




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