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Uk release date

dominitdominit Member Posts: 64

Ive checked a few sites and the official site but the details on a uk release date are a bit vague, anyone got any inside info on a beta/full release date thanks ::::20::


  • FarnahmFarnahm Member Posts: 43

    The release date will be sometime Q1 2006 I think, I think originally set for February. As for the beta, there was another thread on it, with referrence to it.

    There was a post somewhere by on the official site forums:

    You can sign-up for beta here :
    Around 10,000 applicants will be selected.
    The beta-test is scheduled for Early 2006, we can't give you a more precise date for now.

    As much as we've gotten, it seems to be that beta will start either early January or mid/late December, especially as the game was set to release early/mid February of 2006. Either way we'll see soon enough, expect a month and a half at the latest before beta is out, but I'm sure codemasters won't disappoint us and might just get it out even sooner than that :)

    The best we've gotten is early 2006, but Zzeno has said that it may be coming earlier and that they are probably going to increase the beta slots from 10,000 to something higher because there were so many applicants and they want more people to join in on the fun ^_^ Either way, expect to hear more news of beta and release sometime in mid/late December.


  • doragandoragan Member Posts: 42

    According to , the release date is febuary, but we all know how vauge release dates can be. Let's just hope that tjis will be ontime ::::01::

  • DakkanonDakkanon Member Posts: 289

    Closed Beta for UK/US version is december 15th 2005.  The Current plan for going live is Feburary.

    Paradigm, an Accretia Clan
    "I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying it every moment of it"

  • dominitdominit Member Posts: 64
    Thanks guys image
  • GGGvfunGGGvfun Member Posts: 12

    it says Feb 10th 06 on the website.

    so it'll be available sooon.


  • The topic is extremely old (one month is very old in forum terms), most of the info are out of date for example "closed beta starts December 15." Please close the topics that are a week old except when they have reliable information. Thank you.
  • DakkanonDakkanon Member Posts: 289


    According to Codemasters, the 15th of December was the drawing for Closed beta accounts. I was led to believe that CB was to start late December or early Janurary. Seeing how it's still early Jan, CB may start soon.

    As for Feburary retail, I haven't heard anything different.. have you?

    Paradigm, an Accretia Clan
    "I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying it every moment of it"

  • SquanteSquante Member Posts: 12
    imageAny one preordered it yet ... i have  from EB GAMESimage

    Can't stop the fuss!

  • VenQWishVenQWish Member Posts: 51

    Gotta watch out when you pre-order if you want the extras, on (UK) the bonus is included while on it isn't... Bonus includes OST, charmaps and some stickers or something... Just FYI...

  • doragandoragan Member Posts: 42

    Woo I got a great deal from there last night, £17.99 Can't wait for phase 3 ::::01::

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