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EVIL scene in the game? join or not to join, there might be aquestion?

nokkosnokkos Member Posts: 5

Hello there cyper punks

i step by the link to neocrome 2.1 and i was suprised about it becous i used to be big cyperpunk frenk in back old days. but still i readed 2 caind of options other ppl say that it was misstake other ppl say NOT so i am trying to make my final statement if some ppl can tell me is it wort of buying? i dont have possibility to try the tryout what is my misstake but i am still open and intrested. so fell free if you are in the game what is happening. i am ready intrested in PvP clans and group wars. (hacking,smugling etc "EVIL"business of somesort.) if you know what that scene is in neocrom feel free to tell me! so meaby i can join in.

(if you know game EVE what have huge 0 security sector rivals going on between PvP gangs. you know what i mean)



Join a Day Keep the Doctor Away,
Ten Join a Day I dont say

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