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Shadowbane, a path of power and struggle within the Halls of Immortality.

BerindorBerindor Member Posts: 21

My personal opinion of Shadowbane.

Hello I'm Orogrim the wise, I've been within many known guilds in Shadowbane known as KGB, EB, LoD, SD, Undead Legions, TSB, and Lordknights to mention a few guilds. I've played Shadowbane for over two years now and on many different servers named, Wrath, Remedition, Vengeance, and now The Vindication server, or the ancient path of lore in my imagination. It's an amusing name, because my trilogy within fantasy genre is named The Book of Lore.

Although, I'm an experienced player in consider informations and my personal view about Shadowbane's features, skills, magic, combat, and not at least the entertaining part with a both smooth and fast pvp gaming experience.

First, I think Timothy Till wrote another good article about Shadowbane in general, and a very good overall description, good work!

Secondly, about the three months old Lore Server got an unique pvp environment with an intriguing charming game play that involves all players built cities in a world rumour to be The Vindication. However, this only a minor part of the game community, most players don't own a city, this is a very important information concerning Shadowbane in general. Because when old and new players like to join us in the dark, exciting world of The Vindication they won't start with a town, but the good side you can always buy one when you got a huge amount of gold coins, and perhaps create an own unique guild within Shadowbane with various shields, colour schemes, and guild options.

Finally, all new, old pvp players are welcome back to join the heroic ranks of immortality, even powerful run guilds to discover new features in the upcoming patch about the experience bonus in a successful won pvp combat, but it got its own unique rule set, more information to follow soon. Why immortality, an old character can never truly die, even though it's a pvp environment, or the character doesn't age. We are all lesser gods who struggle for power within the Vindication lore server. We might get a new ranking system in the near future patches of Shadowbane, a lesser god (us) with most confirmed kills, glory, and achievements within The Vindication the new lore server.

Fight bravely, or die peacefully in the Halls of Silver, a place deep, deep below the ground, my home.


Orogrim, The Lore Master.















The Shadowbane Emulator (SBEmu)

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