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New website not loading?

DarkchronicDarkchronic Member Posts: 1,088

Yeah, for me, on any of my browsers, (IE, Firefox, Opera) the http://ng.neocron.com/ website won't load for me, it gives me a black page.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Oh freaking great, after hitting f5 for half an hour, going off to get a drink, loading again, it runs first time, that sucks.

No Userbar here, sorry to disappoint.


  • -FN--FN- Member Posts: 65

    There was a statement today on the NC Forums (can't find it atm sorry) saying the new site was hit a lot harder than anticipated for the opening hours - it should up and fine by now, I just refreshed it.

  • NullyNully Member Posts: 114
    you will need flash 8 also
  • NullyNully Member Posts: 114

    no alot of websites require Flash 8 now

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