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The Chronicles of Spellborn: Closed Beta Announcement

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

The Chronicles of Spellborn have announced the opening of their closed beta test.


"MEN AND WOMEN WANTED for Perilous Duty. Unpaid, harrowing delays, long months of grueling work, chance of setbacks extreme. Glory and fame upon success" - Qeirias Noll

THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- Nov. 30, 2005 -- The first group of adventurers have entered into the close beta test for The Chronicles of Spellborn. Developed by Spellborn International, The Chronicles of Spellborn will introduce gameplay that challenges MMO gaming conventions. No longer will back stories be irrelevant, players will move back and forth in time to experience the storyline. The Spellborn team has thrown out the old "auto lock" MMO attack system. Players will actively maneuver and aim in combat while they manipulate a "skill deck" that allows them to string together hundreds of different possible attack combinations. Also, armour and weapons do NOT affect combat so players can dress exactly how they like from the very start. Finally, the successes and failures of every player from the lowest to the highest levels will determine the fate of their House and the rest of the world.

Players selected to participate in the closed beta will be the first ones to experience this new model in MMO gaming. They will assist the developers in testing gameplay and provide feedback directly to the developers.

The closed beta test began with a limited number of applicants. More beta testers will be added periodically over the next few months. In early 2006, the Spellborn International team plans to hold a large-scale open/stress beta test. Individuals that have not been selected as part of the initial pool of beta testers can increase their chances (and help out the development team) by taking an active part in our official www.tcos.com forums.

Gamers that have not filled out applications yet can register on http://www.tcos.com/beta/beta.php.com.

For more on The Chronicles of Spellborn, click here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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