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Dark and Light: Issues Resolved

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

The team over at Dark and Light seems pleased to announce that any problems that they were having with their forum account functionalities have been resolved. Players were having trouble accessing their profiles, updating signatures and other personal information, and using the guild creation script:

Alot of you may have noticed that we have been experiencing some difficulties with some of your forum account functionalities. These problems have been identified, isolated and resolved. Access to your profiles has been re-established (you can now update your signatures, passwords and personal information again). Moreover, the guild creation script is functional again. Password retrieval has been reactivated and everyone can access it through this link.

We would like to note that due to the integration of our databases in preparation for Settlers of Ganareth, we won’t be able to manually modify your user names or your forum accounts anymore.

The Dark and Light team wishes to thank everyone who informed us of these problems through our support Thanks to that information, we have been able to solve these problems quite quickly. We are continuing to upgrade the whole website and new functionalities may be be unlocked or added soon.

For more Dark and Light, click here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor

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