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Second Life: Player Interviews and Reviews

Jon Wood recently took a peek inside Second Life. While there he spoke to three players and got their informal reviews of the game. This article shows us what he found.

image Recently, I took a peek into the world of the MMORPG, Second Life and found that it was like nothing that I had ever seen before. Everywhere you looked there were strange and wonderful looking things and people. There is no grinding, no griefing, no levels. Just… life.

Second Life is an appropriate title for a game where people log in and create just that… a second life to live, a second place to live and a second community of people to live it with. As Second Life character Alexis Ingersoll told me, “You can be absolutely anything, do absolutely anything. You have a lot of very diverse *communities* built up around all sorts of different things”.

You can read the full article here.

Dana Massey
Formerly of MMORPG.com
Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • kanechart22kanechart22 Member Posts: 21

    Not a bad review. I enjoy the game I'm actualy in the game known as Kane Kent. But I also had my problems with players. As money in this game goes to real currency theres a lot of scaming. I was scammed personaly I will not use names but even with chat log proof and screenshots and even having person basicly admit right infront of the staff at linden. They still don't resolve many issues.

    I lost 10K l witch little over 35US worth.

    I love the game I will play this aint a complaint more a warning to players becarful when people are renting you land. It's best to pay by week instead of like 1 month. Or you could also get scammed and the linden staff will just send you an email saying theres not enough proof or info. They do not investgate or anything.

    Just my warning but its a great and fun game :)

  • GwynethGwyneth Member Posts: 66

    You seemed to have been extremely unlucky, Kane. In about one year and a half, I have probably spoken to a thousand people, and bought things from a further 2 thousand or so. I wasn't scammed a single time. And the thousand people I know report the same — some having been online for about 3 years.

    That's pretty impressive statistics!

    However, you're right on one thing. New users might find certain things very difficult to understand, like the way the whole concept of land works. A few malicious users take advantage of the land sales being quite difficult to understand and it's not unheard of that you might not get what you're paying for. And yes, in those cases, Linden Lab will rarely step down and help — it's not up to them to define and enforce "morals", but it's up to the users themselves. In the case of land sales, I usually advice all the new users in my classes to get assistance from an employee of Linden Lab to help out with the controls, and never trust anybody who haven't known for a very long time.

    Also, unfortunately, it's not unusual for people to copy free items and try to sell them as their own. New users often don't know that you can look at an object and see who the creator was; if it's not the same person that is offering the object for sale, it might be either a perfectly legitimate "second hand sale", but it might also be someone trying to sell you a "free-to-copy" item for some money, which is unfair and immoral (but, again, Linden Lab won't interfere in that case).

    There are a few groups promoting and defending ethic behaviour in commerce in Second Life. To be sure, they don't cover many merchants or service providers, but just a small number of them. This will mean that all transactions will have always a certain amount of risk. Unlike what happens in the real world, it won't be very easy to get Linden Lab to interfere (they're neither "judges" nor "police"). It's up to you to find out other users' reputation and buy only from legitimate sellers. From a new users' point of view, it's hard to know who these are — most will be, but not all — but you can always ask around :)

    Help is available always everywhere, as well as through forums, so, if you're uncertain about something you wish to buy, or someone you wish to buy from, your best choice is to ask first :)

    "I'm not building a game. I'm building a new country."
    -- Philip "Linden" Rosedale, interview to Wired, 2004-05-08

  • GwynethGwyneth Member Posts: 66

    (oops posted twice by mistake — sorry!)

    "I'm not building a game. I'm building a new country."
    -- Philip "Linden" Rosedale, interview to Wired, 2004-05-08

  • I've been on Second Life since 2003 with various characters, and it's been an undying addiction since then. My love for the game comes and goes but as an artist who's familiar with the building tools, it just can't be beat for the amount of stuff I can create. Great review though I kind of wish you had consulted more people to attain your score.

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