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Pirates of the Burning Sea: New Captain's Guide: The Hiorten

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

The makers of Pirates of the Burning Sea, have released a brand new entry for their Captain's Guide. This one gives us the details on a ship named "The Hiorten". It gives, not only an historical look at the ship, but also some practical, game information.


The Hiorten is a historic ship built in CarlsCrona in the year 1692 by Francis John Sheldon. She was designed to be easy to sail; as well as being light and strong, she had a normal crew of only 4. Hiorten is a galeas, a type of small trade ship common in the Baltic in the 17th and 18th centuries. The characteristics depend on the country of origin, with Swedish and Finnish versions being two-masted and ketch rigged in the 18th century. Later, larger versions could have three masts and be ship rigged. The galeas derived from the Dutch galliot, which was rigged in a similar way, but had a rounded stern. The Swedish galliot would be called a Dutch hoy, or English dogger. The galeas retains the rig of the galliot but has a square stern.

The Hiorten (deer in Swedish) was used as a Postjakten or mail-yacht. She sailed the Baltic carrying mail, passengers and small items of cargo between Ystad and Stralsund from 1692 to 1702. After 1702 her fate is unknown.

Game Uses

Small coastal trader and mail carrier.

Comparable Ships

In size and shape the Hiorten is closest to the schooners. She is shorter and broader than the small schooner the shape of the hull should give her more cargo capacity than the small schooner but at the price of speed.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Short and fat, the Hiorten is designed for good cargo capacity in a small ship and the smallest crew size requirement. Very light armament means she should stay in safe water, since she can neither run nor fight well.

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • RogierRogier Member Posts: 23
    This is a ship which was made and commented by a player. It's submitted and then approved by the steering commite which after FLS inserted in the Game. More ships coming!
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