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Neocron Evolution 2.1



  • joran420joran420 Member Posts: 27

    Originally posted by ZoneseeK
    Yeah sitting in my moms basement trolling forums, or browsing forums at work while I wait for invoices to print...you can think whatever you want as long as it makes you happy.
    The fact that im pissing noobs like joran and nigghogg off by badmouthing the game that they love so much makes it all worth while. Just remember - I got a big smile on my face every time im flaming this piece of crap underpopulated game called neocron. And as long as im getting responses, especially good ones like OMGOMOG LITTLE KID SITTING IN HIS MOMS BASEMENT POSTING ON FORUMS ALL DAY HAHWAHWHAWHAWHAWHAW, ill keep posting.
    Cheerio mateys!

    you dont piss me off at all man....Its just not what I would do...If i hate a game I move on...I just think sticking around to wine, about a game you used to play a whole lot is pathetic

    just the fact that you played for over two years...says the game cant be all bad

  • Dirk_GentlyDirk_Gently Member Posts: 193

    How about Neocron 2.5 where you have a server without Psi Monks????

    I'd come back, and I'm sure loads of others will. Trying to pander to the fantasy crowd by putting in overpowered wizards is ridiculous - they aren't going to play it anyway.

    Silly KK.

    A good wife deserves more than half the praise, just as a bad one deserves more than half the blame. - Tacitus

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