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Out of Life's School of War...

AshenTemperAshenTemper BioWare Community Mgr.Member Posts: 68

Shadowbane is considered by many to be the premiere Player-versus-Player (PvP) massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). In the December Content Patch, we will be implementing a feature that many have been asking for since they first heard of Shadowbane: Experience gains granted from Player-vs.-Player combat! Click here for additional information!

Sean "Ashen Temper" Dahlberg


  • zxJusticexzzxJusticexz Member Posts: 18

    can still dupe.... check.

    can still macro xp without worrying until warning is given on account... check.

    can still sabotage other guilds via joining and macroing, getting them susspended for a week for being in the group... check.

    This should have been in at release.


  • ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257

    You just contradicted yourself.. only warnings, but suspensions.. wait err..

    The game is about pvp, not dupes. So you have an r7 building, if you cant defend it being smashed, its worthless.

    Prices are still in check on Vindication. Dupeing would cause them to raise. 40 ints sell for around 3 million, not 10, and I can farm 3 million in a few days (if I live).

    Its not a perfect game, but there isnt anything out there with the same free will enviroment (open combat) and pvp as Shadowbane.

  • You got that right there aint much else like it.

    Heres a link to good vid if anyone interested.

    Bane battle


  • zxJusticexzzxJusticexz Member Posts: 18

    Clearly you have selective hearing and missed "until warning is given on account"

    After a warning is a suspension.  If you can't figure it out after that you truely are sad.

    As far as your explaination on duping inflating prices, that would only happen if the dupers are retarded and everyone knows about it.


  • AshenTemperAshenTemper BioWare Community Mgr.Member Posts: 68

    Actually there are no more dupes (currently). Any time we are made aware of one, we squash it as quickly as possible. Also, in our last major update we placed in a variety of new safeguards against duping and additional logging of events.

    As for warnings and suspensions (and that type of PL group), those happen in practically any MMO (as do dupes and exploits). These are concerns for the entire industry and not something just Shadowbane specific.

    Sean "Ashen Temper" Dahlberg

  • zxJusticexzzxJusticexz Member Posts: 18

    "Actually there are no more dupes (currently). Any time we are made aware of one, we squash it as quickly as possible."

    This is assuming that everyone that learns of a dupe will somehow make you aware of it image.  The only dupes and hacks that you stop are the ones that are mainstream, the ones that cause an immediate threat to the population. Since we can still dupe your "safeguards" against duping dont work. 

    This must be a joke, next he will be saying there is no lag or sync issues.  Go ahead and try the free trial, hahahaha.


  • ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257

    I play to PvP.

    Keep playing sim city all you want, thats all the gold will do for you, it cant fight for you.

    Edit: Ohh and I think your lying. I bet you dont even play SB. Why hurt the best pvp games reputation with lies?

  • zxJusticexzzxJusticexz Member Posts: 18

    Im just telling it how it is, you are the one who is defending this game post after post as if you are a secret account of a UBI employee.  image

    I even said try the free trial, give it a break.


  • ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257

    When it takes a WEEK for my BIG nation to get the cash for a r7 bane (which, just went down the drain due to the blackouts during the weekend), when I see a 30 int sell for 350k, I dont see dupeing happening.

    Bane Dissent, with all the cash you have you should own us easy, right?

    The real point here is: No matter how much money you have, however you aquired it, this is a PvP game, your own PvP skills account for 90% of the game.

    Why dont you tell Ashen and the devs how to do it? It may land you a free account (well, possably banned since you boast it so much here..). Its better to have this stuff fixed instead of being greedy. I want to fight, not lag to death when you dupe...

  • CalibosCalibos Member Posts: 5

    Regarding the pvp xp - great idea. Love it. Besides, killing brain-dead mobs is easy. Killing player characters is real experience and now grants points toward levels. Sweet.

    Only suggestion I have is that the lvl cap should be raised so lvl 75's have something to shoot for. If not to level 80, at least a level or two only attainable through pvp. Mobs would still give nothing to a lvl 75. Even one level (one train, one ability pt) would be nice and give incentive to take your best toons, that you are obviously adept with, out fighting and wouldn't unbalance anything imo.

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