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this is the one to watch

in my opinion, this is THE game to watch as far as the upcoming mmorpgs go. everything about this game sounds awesome.

as long as all the promises come true and they don't end up screwing it up somehow, then this one will be a winner.


  • StormsenderStormsender Member Posts: 39
    Agree this is the the one I want to see succeed. I think funcom can pull it off, I just hope they don't release like they did Anarchy Online, and take their time with it.
  • OrcBreathOrcBreath Member Posts: 17

    Everything I've read about Age of Conan is good.  They have a crack development team and the screenshots look amazing.  Not to mention... it's the Hyborian Age of Conan for crying out loud!!!  If anyone reading this knows what the books or comics were like, they are excited.  I ask some Conan fans if they've collected Savage Sword and they say "huh, whats that?"  I'm not dissing them, I'm simply saying that even people who've only seen the movie with Arnie are excited about it.  The die hard fans are in for sure.

    I can't wait to start calling everyone dogs!

    The only downside I see, is that almost everyone is going to want to be a Cimmerian barbarian.

  • LordMagnusLordMagnus Member CommonPosts: 1,322

    Yup, this game is really shaping up to be something. I hope that they can actually pull it off without a bad release though. If they screw up the release, they will be forever plaqued with the doubt of being a competant company.

  • drycatdrycat Member Posts: 119
    Well, I would have to say that Age of Conan ranks up there on the "watch list", but Fallen Earth looks to be another promising title to keep an eye on as well.
  • drycatdrycat Member Posts: 119

    Well, this was orignally me sending the last message twice due to a momentary spike, so I'll go ahead and fill it up.image

    Anarcy Online was not as bad as people like to say, it just lacked proper marketing and the graphical engine is about 6 years behind everything else in the market. If they had designed it with foresight and had actually marketed the game, I think it could still be a very viable MMPORG.

    So, that said, I am definitely looking forward to this title. I thought there was some great content in AO and I'm anxious to see how much of this kind of thought is placed in Conan. With more emphasis on marketing of course image

  • AshkentAshkent Member Posts: 772
    AO definitely had a cool idea going, but i just couldn't get into it for some reason.
  • drycatdrycat Member Posts: 119

    Originally posted by OrcBreath

    The only downside I see, is that almost everyone is going to want to be a Cimmerian barbarian.

    On the contrary, I want to be a Stygian. image Don't get me wrong, I admired Conan as much as the next person in Robert Howard's books. (Almost want to call them novels hehe) While it was exciting to read about Conan's travels and adventures, I am not a *beat-em up* type. So, I tend toward spellcasting builds/classes.

    The only thing I don't like, is that Stygian's are the only spell-using race, among the 3 races in the game. A shame that the Pict was left out as a playable race, or the Zamorians. Zamorian's wold have been a nice addition as they would have been a great theif base character, since their god Bel, was the the god of theives in the Howard Universe. Not to say all Zamorians were theives, but you get the idea.


  • conman20x36conman20x36 Member Posts: 13
    The game's graphics look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!imageimageimage
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