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Anyone remember Never Winter Night pvp servers?

Why you may ask am i bringing up this game, but i remember playing some really cool nwn servers that were pvp and always thinking of how good it would be to have a mmorpg with the d-n-d rules.
My point is i think its silly not to include some kind of pvp to dnd online as i think it would make it a far better game.
I know there are hardcore pen and paper dnd players who may think this is a silly idea but like i said before there were some really cool pvp servers on nwn which used dnd rules and it worked really well.
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  • gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477

    Neverwinter Nights 2 sounds like this but better. Did you guys know that NWN2 will have a feature that lets you transfer campaigns from NWN to NWN2 according to PC gamer's interview? It will take "minimal fuss". I think Neverwinter Nights 2 will add alot more to it's campaign designer than DDO will, especially since NWN's was already mindblowing.

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  • OrcBreathOrcBreath Member Posts: 17

    I recently bought Never Winter Nights Platinum edition for a price I don't care to say and I thought it was crap.  I'm sure the stories are good, but the graphics were just absolute trash.  It was as if it was made before Baldur's Gate 2.  The character generation body picutres were horrible!

    NVN 2 better have nicer graphcis.  And for the love of god, some more options when making your character's appearance.  If DDO doesn't have good character generation and graphics I will be equally disappointed. 

    Like I was saying, stories are probably awesome, which D&D is all about, but if you're playing it on a computer you expect to have something visual so you can actually use the video card you paid x amount of dollars for.  You use your imagination of what things should look like for Pen and paper D&D, not for gaming on a computer.

  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581

    Wow... for some reason I thought the game was realeased mid 90s...

    But you have to consider the gfx are done in a way so that players can import their own custom renderings.

  • FreddyDingoFreddyDingo Member Posts: 21
    first off i would like to say that anyone who bases judgement on a game because of graphics shouldn't play them. look at FF7 and tell me that it is a crappy game because it looks bad and you will probably be hit. i still play NWN to this day because the game is FUN. i know it has bad graphics but you can download haks for the game to make the bodies look a little better. and secondly, DnD was originally created for a group mentality. it wasn't about PvP at all. i play PnP DnD and i know that PvP can be fun at times, but it generally ruins parties. i, for one, am glad that DDO won't have PvP.

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  • OrcBreathOrcBreath Member Posts: 17

    Whoa there Freddy, calm your dingo down there son.  I said NVN has good stories, I hear it all the time from people who play it.  And stories is the main reason I play games.  But I was just saying that if you play these stories on a computer game, you want graphics, not ancient atari blipping dots, right?  And you just admitted that the graphics and bodies are bad - which happened to be my point if you took the time to read my comment right.

    No PVP in the DDO?  This is the first I've heard of it and I've got to say that sucks.  The game should at least have some servers that are PVP for the manly players who aren't afraid to kill each other or die at the hands of someone real.  It makes the game more exciting.

    By the way.... all final fantasy games ARE crappy (in my humble opinion).  So go ahead and "hit" me, lol.  I never could get into them.


  • SigneSigne Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,524

    I think it depends on what you want out of a game. Personally, I want it all. Nice graphics, good stories, jam packed full of wonderful content that will keep me entertained for the rest of my life. Ok, ok... so I won't get all of that, but that's what I want. Having said that, I can do without the /pizza... but I HAVE to have decent graphics, nowadays. Why not? If a game looks bad graphically, or if the animations are crappy... I might as well mud and have none at all. You can't beat a mud for content! I'd rather leave it up to my imagination. Looking at bad graphics is distracting for me. They don't have to be great and they can even been cartoony like WoW... but they have to be decent. No Runescape or Merician 59 for me, anymore.

  • FizblixFizblix Member UncommonPosts: 130

    yeah the character models on NWN are definitly crappy compared to stuff out noways... they weren't so great when it first came out as well... I tried to get into NWN again but the graphics and UI I don't care for at all nowdays. that aside though, NWN was awesome far as game customization...

    I can't think of any other games that let you develop your own custom persistent world thats always online, like a scaled down mmorpg. If you had talent in scripting/modeling you could even make non D&D worlds...(lord of the rings, wheel of time, or other things such as have futuristic cities, guns, etc)

    I only played single player on NWN for about 4 hours, before I found the servers ran by players with custom worlds, that were always online and saved your progress. Was like haveing access to +100 mmorpgs without paying a monthly fee. (The game engine wasn't optimized for handling alot of players, but you could play with over 75 people at a time... a little laggy though)

    NWN2 has the potential to blow DDO out of the water imo. (I haven't read much up on it lately, so not sure about them adding the persistent world options and if it would support +100 players or not... if so DDO has no chance)

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  • flea1flea1 Member Posts: 250

    umm if they allowed pvp there would be massive screams from any non caster. Come on 8th circle spells are devestateing. Stop time insta- death just to name a few. You cant pvp and make it balanced. With the rule set.


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