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American servers??

elf-arrowelf-arrow Member Posts: 14

does anyone know if there will be american servers,i mean wouldn't it be laggy for american ppl playing on a server thats in korea??



  • porkasporkas Member Posts: 125
    well as a mather of fact NC have divided it's development into different sections, one for korea, china and one for northamerica. Now every section has it's own release date(korean is already out) and every section has it's own version of the game(almost the same game small changes to fitt the different consumer needs). You won't even be able to paly on a korean server with your northamerican version so don't wory.

    "Only the good die young so I'd rather stay evil"

    "Only the good die young so I'd rather stay evil"

  • AmaranthAmaranth Member Posts: 22

    FFXI has only Japanese servers, and the game runs lag-free.  L2 could do the same, though I am pretty sure they are going to have NA/Eu specific servers.





  • ShmeeShmee Member Posts: 321
    Of course there ill be american servers.

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