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What is Old School? What makes it that?

Having played Computer Games since "The Proving Ground of the Mad Overlord" I would like to toss out a question to everyone....

To you what makes an old school game 'Old School". Is it the gameplay? What about the gameplay?
The types of adventures and quests? From putting the smackdown on Mangar, becoming the champion of Lord British or discovering the Secret of the Inner Sanctum?

Cant be the graphics? Or is it?
What made those old RPGs so enjoyable?

And by Old School i mean RPGs like "Bards Tale" "Ultima" "Dungeon Master" "Might and Magic 1-5" "Dark Heart of Uukrul" "The Magic Candle" etc

I still load these RPGs up from time to time and they are still a blast. I started a list why I think they are ( I dont want to post it since it might 'taint' people opinions and I am looking for fresh input.)


  • gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477

    Starcraft or anything older :D

    i play on australian servers because racism is acceptable there
  • RufiusRufius Member Posts: 2,031

    Imperium Galactica definite old school gamage.

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  • ZivaDominiZivaDomini Member Posts: 442


    I think it's anything we used to play as a child that makes you think "Man, I remember back when...."

    God how I loved Galaga.  I used to go to the Bowling Alley or Dairy Queen with my parents, scarf down my food and run to it.


  • ZnithZnith Member Posts: 212

    What makes a game old skool to me...

    Well to me that's the sentimental feeling I get when I fire up and 'old game' It's getting out the graph paper to make my own maps because there's no automapper, it's getting a notebook ready because there's no journal to keep track of clues and quests, it's not needing a super duper graphics card to get all the pretty bells and whistles, and it's looking for my wheel thingy/or book to type in the anti piracy codes.

    It's also the storyline and thought that the devs had put into the game. The limited amount of resources they had to deal with and still came out with a good product. It's also those pesky dos boot disks you had to create to free up enough memory. Emm386 hi-memory manager or Sound Blaster emulation drivers anyone?

    Old skool to me is as you mentioned Bards Tale, Wizardry, Ultima, Magic Candle, Gold Box series, Might and Magic, Wasteland, and many others.

  • VampirVampir Member Posts: 4,239

    Dos games  or older.

    you could go for apple two games also


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  • jimmyman99jimmyman99 Member UncommonPosts: 3,221

    To me, Old Skool games are games that I used to load from audio tape through a tape-player into my ZX SPECTRUM computer which i hooked to a TV, which did not have color. The very first computer game i saw and loved immediately was ELITE, where u fly around in 3d space (ships were just a bunch of lines glued together) trade, kill pirates, stuf like that.

    I am the type of player where I like to do everything and anything from time to time.
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