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Well I'll be....

How did this game escape my notice!

I've just been on a SWG trial and found it pretty boring, all that grinding and very clique'y (difficult to get into anyone's group), so I thought I'd check out what other MMORPG's there are....

found this website and it was talking about EVE.... never heard of it.... then I discover it is an MMORPG version of Elite!! I played the original Elite years ago;no not the more recent PC Frontier version, I mean the original 1984 BBC B version - ("know the ECM unit by its copper top!")

I'm running through the trial right now.... this has to be the biggest tutorial ever created! I have a strong suspicion that I'll end up subscribing (if I think my wife will forgive me!)

Keep an eye out for Radon9 - His Elite status might be old, but it was truely earned! :)


  • AzirophosAzirophos Member Posts: 447

    Originally posted by jjrimell

    (if I think my wife will forgive me!)

    Do it like I did... get her to play the game - though it has disadvantages too
    "no you cook ..... no you.,... no you.... no you ... I have to bring my bs to secure space ... you go........ no but I have to...... etc etc"

    Welcome to Tranquility, and have fun.

    Originally posted by Mandolin

    Designers need to move away from the old D&D level-based model which was never designed for player vs player combat in the first place.

  • checkthis500checkthis500 Member Posts: 1,236
    I said the same thing when I found this game.  I was like "where the heck did this come from?" So I tried it because I was looking for a different style of game, but I only "inteded" to do the trial, because I figured it'd be like most MMO's out there.  The typical fun for a while, blah blah.  And now I'm hooked to it.  I wish they would have been able to market it in the US, because I know for a fact the number of users would be soooo much higher, but then again, would I want that many people playing the game?  I enjoy how loving of the game the community is.  It's definitely a game that is going to be around long after the others get boring.

    I live to fight, and fight to live.

  • pittbull1pittbull1 Member Posts: 108

    Glad u like the game, and it just keeps getting better the more u play..
    however, i dont belive your wife will forgive u.(at least mine never have)::::27::

    If pitbulls could lock their jaw the first pitbull would still be hanging on

  • BissrokBissrok Member Posts: 1,002

    I thought it was going to be like space in SWG. Luckily, I got it anyway and I'm gald to see that it's nothing like that (it's actually fun).

  • tachgbtachgb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    Yeah. Eve is great. I've never known such a rewarding MMO game to date.

  • LilPikaLilPika Member Posts: 30

    Welcome to Eve Online! Get in touch with the ISS Allaince for a excellent headstart in the game.


    If you need any help feel free to eve-mail Pika Eadesso :)
    That offer is extended to anyone else here :)

  • churenechurene Member Posts: 87
    Yeah right! EVE is such a wonderfull game nowadays! Their latest trailer is really Amazing, this was my first time to encounter or watch a trailer taken from a REAL Game Play! FANTASTIC!!! This game is hella TIGHT!!!image
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