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Planets, Stars, etc...

DerekeenDerekeen Member Posts: 45
Are planets, moons, stars, and other large celestial bodies in EVE still just there for scenery or can we interact with them on some level?  Even science vessels spending time orbiting a gas giant would be cool, but I heard there just there to look pretty.  Can anyone elaborate on this?


  • StonedogStonedog Member UncommonPosts: 32

    Player stations can only be anchored at planets and moons, and the moons can be harvested for Tech 2 materials. Planetary Flight has been pushed back, and won't be coming till after Kali, if at all.

  • dakilla666dakilla666 Member UncommonPosts: 306

    Yeah, to elaborate on what Stonedog was saying, planets and stars are there mostly for eve-candy although, they can be used for making tactical bookmarks. In other words, you can warp you ship to within 10,000 or so km from them just to look at them and while you are in warp, you can make a bookmark to keep away from enemies and the such.

    Moons are actualy quite useful since you can only anchor Player Owned Stations at the warp-in point of a moon and no where else. They can be harvested and so on but, they are mainly used for strategic military points and keeping control of space systems in deep space with the addition of sovereignty to 0.0.

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  • ScarletMoonScarletMoon Member Posts: 28

    it depends on the Corp ... still POS have mining w/ Big Tower and small 1 for military ... and it costs times to scan a moon w/ ur err science ship 2 and some 1 said it ... make Safe point which is hard to detect ... and nothing more ^^

    tsk I wasnt have love for Planetary Explore though ... wats point of Fighting pilots hanging all days in a planet ? btw they r 1 or 2 yrs to come ^^


  • checkthis500checkthis500 Member Posts: 1,236

    In responce to planetary flight, I believe that if they do it, it'll be an entirely different thing with different ships, because we all know the spacecraft in the game would not be able to fly in an atmosphere.  They have no aerodynamics. 

    But this is something that like ScarletMoon said is years in the making.  I love how the devs are letting us know years in the making exactly what they plan on doing, or are thinking about.  They have an awesome in development section on the site, with levels of development to it.  from the Drawing board, to In Testing.  I trust that if CCP does make planetary flight, or makes it where you can colonize worlds, they'll do it as awesomely as they've done space. 

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